Created and hosted by Dr. Melissa Longo, Rockstar Doctor Life (formerly Rockstar Doctor Moms) is a Chiropractic lifestyle show designed to help you rock both your business life and personal life.

In every episode Dr. Melissa Longo and her guests discuss real life successes and overcoming obstacles, parenting ideas, peak performance and productivity strategies, and so much more!

Start your week with this fresh, edgy and fun podcast to find inspiration and ideas to grow your business, raising a healthy family, and do more of what you love.

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Tune in for engaging, conversational and in-depth discussions with a variety of Chiropractors practising in different settings, creating lives and businesses that they love. As a Chiropractic lifestyle show, we discuss what it means to create a successful business while establishing work-life balance, dealing with challenges, ways to growing a practice with cutting edge marketing, and how to keep learning and stay inspired.

RDL #85: Dr. David Fletcher

How can you become a trusted advisor for people’s health in your community and why is cultivating inner growth early in your life a key to personal happiness? Dr. David Fletcher shares his wisdom from 38 years in the Chiropractic profession, what he observes internationally within the profession and why it’s an exciting time to be a...

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RDL #84: Dr. Jay Warren

How might becoming a parent open up new possibilities in your career? In this conversation with Dr. Jay Warren you’ll hear about how his priorities shifted when his son was born, how he effectively transitioned his practice to better align with his family life, why he continues to let it evolve as his son grows. We also discussed...

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RDL #83: Dr. Cyndy Elwart Shaft-Toll

What’s the ‘secret sauce’ for rebuilding your life and practice after going through a divorce with 7 children to care for? In this episode Dr. Cyndy Shaft shares her story of success, how she continues to navigate life as a mom (and now grandmother) while active in practice as well as leading other women in the...

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RDL #82: Dr. Evelyne Bruneau

Is there a stress-free way to practice? Dr. Evelyne Bruneau describes the ideal practice situation that she has finally found after 32 years as a Chiropractor. We also discussed the simplest, most effective way to grow a practice, how Dr. Bruneau raised 3 girls while in practice, and why she believes “you can have it all, just...

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RDL #81: Dr. Tom Preston

How will you know when enough is enough? Is bigger always better when building a life and business that you love?  In this conversation with Dr. Tom Preston we discuss his approach to defining success, and some of the exercises he takes his clients through to help create a business that relates to one’s core values. We...

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RDL #80: Dr. Mary Lucas Flannery

Wondering how to connect with your millennial demographic in your practice? In this conversation with Dr. Mary Lucas-Flannery we discuss the millennial mindset and how you can better connect with this demographic. We also discuss the effectiveness of using scripts versus your own language and communication style, redefining personal success to connect to our joy...

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RDL #79: Dr. Kevin Christie

Ever feel like you have too many balls in the air? Then this is the podcast for you. Listen in as Dr. Kevin Christie explains how he effectively splits his time between his two practices, producing two podcasts and being part of an athletic team, and the specific time management tips that help him. We also...

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RDL #78: Dr. Troy Dukowitz

Looking for inspiration? Join Dr. Troy Dukowitz and I as we discuss why it’s more important to get INspired rather than motivated, how starting your day in power will help you lead your family and how to reprioritize throughout the and opening relationships vs. closing people. Rock Your Life Tips: “Success and victimhood cannot co-exist. Choose...

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When you’re looking for incredible advice, you have to ask incredible people. We have been graced by the voices of many rockstar chiropractors giving it their all, and sharing it with us.


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