2 Ways To Get Sh*t Done

I’m often asked how I ‘do’ much, and how manage my time. To be honest, this question used to really make me think. Even though I run a private practice, produce a podcast and programs for the Rockstar Doctor community, work with 1-1 Mentoring Clients, coach with Dr Ed Osburn & Dr. Jason Richardson in the Inner Circle for Online Healthpreneurs, and am the mom of two healthy and active teenage boys…I rarely feel stressed or overwhelmed.

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Want to know my secret? Here’s the two keys I’ve realized make my life work:

  1. If you’re aligned with your purpose it never feels like work.
    Find a path that affords you the lifestyle you want while allowing you to do things you love, and you’ll never resist being in your office or producing anything. Ever.
  2. Take time out to be super engaged when you are IN your business. I have a rather fierce group of entrepreneurial friends, colleagues, and mentors and this comes up as a consistent tool for productivity.Laugh with your loved ones, pursue your passions, take good physical care of yourself, and get enough rest.

Make what matters to YOU a priority and you’ll be able to help others in your work life even more.