Becoming a Chiropractor changed my life.

 I remember the moment I said yes to applying to Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, but I had no idea the impact it would have on me.

10 years into practice I had a pivotal moment that changed everything.

I was running a large, successful practice in a beautiful space, managing a team of other practitioners. In short, I was living the chiropractic dream.

Meanwhile, in the background, the dream had become a bit of a nightmare. I was overwhelmed trying to do it all. Running the practice, managing the team and property, and as a single mom, had just purchased a property for myself and my two young sons.

In a moment of clarity I realized that while on paper my practice was very successful, it was someone else’s vision of success.

I decided to take all the work I’d put into practice, turn it on its head and instead, create a life and practice that served me, my family and my lifestyle. I tossed the idea of doing things “the right way” and decided to do things the right way for me.

I have been blessed with an abundance of energy and and incredible work ethic and thank goodness I was, because I was going to need it.

I stripped away the pieces of my business that weren’t working for ME and rebuilt something new.

I used to think I had to work and build my practice, and then the rest of my life would fit around it. But I learned that’s a fast way to overwhelm, burnout, and unhappiness.

It’s possible to shift.
It’s possible to have more fun.
It’s possible to simplify your business so that you have more time for the other things that matter to you in addition to changing lives with Chiropractic in your community.

I discovered it was possible to adjust my business to create a lifestyle I love. And now, I’ve dedicated my life to helping Doctors and Health Practitioners to do the same.

Let's define success on your terms.

With my years in television, podcasting, learning from incredibly successful people (not just financially successful), working as a coach for the Virtual Practice Academy, teaching group programs, speaking internationally, hosting training events and working with my private 1-1 coaching clients – I’ve discovered a few things:

  • Every doctor is unique
  • The blueprint for a successful practice is determined by the individual
  • Clarity is key
  • Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact it can be fun
  • The best systems and procedures are driven by the doctor that is designing them for their community
  • Scripts for communication are inauthentic
  • Happy doctors have better businesses

Now, every day, I help doctors and healthcare practitioners define success on their terms, gain clarity on what matters to them, then help them map out the path to a life and practice they love.