RDL #116: Dr. Stephen Franson | Creating a Remarkable Life & Practice

What Are The Two Keys To Creating a Remarkable Life and Practice? Dr. Stephen Franson shares his insights from years of practice and coaching others, why he believes we need to ‘slow down to speed up’ and the biggest barrier that limits many Doctors success. We also discussed the power of positive Associate agreements, family rituals that keep him grounded, the difference between being busy and hustling, and why ‘balance’ is BS!

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Stephen Franson is a true champion of the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle who packs deep experience from over twenty years of clinical practice.  Franson is an exceptional clinician, passionate teacher and dynamic leader in the Chiropractic Profession.  Franson was listed as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Chiropractors in the World in 2017.

Known as “The Systems Guy”, Franson is the founder of The Remarkable Practice, an innovative coaching and consulting company that helps doctors create a remarkable practice as part of a remarkable life. 

Stephen is also Co-Founder of Chiro Match Makers, a highly specialized chiropractic placement service that utilizes a proprietary system to match the right chiropractor with the right opportunity. He is a committed trainer of “Remarkable Teams” and specializes in creating business and training systems for some of the most successful organizations in Chiropractic.

Stephen lives on the Seacoast of New Hampshire with his wife Dr. Camilla Franson and their two children, Sam and Emma Grace. You can find him there pursuing his passion of winter surfing while practicing with his own family what he passionately teaches others: Live a Remarkable Life!

Check out his free gift of team building training here:  https://theremarkablepractice.com/team/

My Interview with Dr. Dan Bai

Love having conversations with other Docs who are creating tremendous value for others! Thanks for having me on your show Dan! ???

From Dr. Dan Bai:

” On the AIR with Dr. Melissa Longo with Rock Star Doctor Life Podcast! What DO YOU really WANT? Are you chasing the WRONG thing? “

RDL #115: What’s New, What’s Coming Up & The Manifesto For A Rockstar Doctor Life

Change is good. In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses what’s new with the show, what you can expect in the upcoming shows, the manifesto for a rockstar doctor life that has been compiled from all the previous guests since 2016, and her 2 step-formula for creating more time to do what you love, without burning out or feeling overwhelmed. 

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Inner Circle Mastermind May 2/3, 2019

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My Interview with Dr. Aura Tovar

I had a great time chatting with Dr Aura Tovar on her show last week!

From Dr. Aura Tovar:

“The Get Naked show with Dr. Melissa Longo was full of tips on purpose, clarity and that dirty word “balance” yes, she was awesome as usual and you can find her podcast at www.rockstardoctorlife.com ????

Thank you for watching and commenting, please keep sharing and posting questions and we will get to it ???

Bless up and have a grateful Wednesday!”

2 Ways To Get Sh*t Done

I’m often asked how I ‘do’ much, and how manage my time. To be honest, this question used to really make me think. Even though I run a private practice, produce a podcast and programs for the Rockstar Doctor community, work with 1-1 Mentoring Clients, coach with Dr Ed Osburn & Dr. Jason Richardson in the Inner Circle for Online Healthpreneurs, and am the mom of two healthy and active teenage boys…I rarely feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Find out more about the Inner Circle Mastermind here.

Want to know my secret? Here’s the two keys I’ve realized make my life work:

  1. If you’re aligned with your purpose it never feels like work.
    Find a path that affords you the lifestyle you want while allowing you to do things you love, and you’ll never resist being in your office or producing anything. Ever.
  2. Take time out to be super engaged when you are IN your business. I have a rather fierce group of entrepreneurial friends, colleagues, and mentors and this comes up as a consistent tool for productivity.Laugh with your loved ones, pursue your passions, take good physical care of yourself, and get enough rest.

Make what matters to YOU a priority and you’ll be able to help others in your work life even more.

RDL #114: Dr. Tony Ebel | Living an Epic Life While Running an Epic Practice

How can you be the hardest working lazy person? Dr. Tony Ebel shares the ‘hard-easy’ approach to life that has helped him build an incredible practice, coach with Epic Practice, and speak internationally while living a happy healthy life with his wife and 4 children. We discussed 3 ways to deal with adversity, how to develop positive relationships with Associates in practice, and the power of peditaric care to grow your practice. Dr. Ebel also talked about why it’s important to strive for excellence instead of perfection, why he doesn’t believe willpower works, and how his definition of success has evolved with his years in practice.

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Episode #89: Dr. David Jackson

About our guest:

Dr. Tony Ebel is an epic husband, father, and family man! With his first daughter being born 2 weeks before graduating from chiropractic school, a family-first focus is all he’s ever known. He applies exactly that to practice, having had a massive Family Focus to his practice from Day One, and that has become the work he is best known for – making massive impact in the Pediatric Chiropractic profession, and helping lead it and grow it for more influence and impact. He runs a 5-doctor, 65% pediatric, 100% cash and 100% crazy fun, family wellness practice in Crystal Lake, Illinois as his “main job” – and then also has spent the last 7 years teaching and training other Pediatric and Family Chiropractors through his work with Epic, and specifically the world’s largest online pediatric training program, Epic Pediatrics. His wife Kristina helps run the practice along side Dr. Tony, and they now have 4 beautiful little ones – Addison, Oliver, Alaina, and Emilia. Oliver is their ‘Chiro Miracle Man’ who was born early and with a traumatic birth that according to the medical team who first saved his life, meant he was “guaranteed” to live a life full of seizures, autism, cerebral palsy type challenges if he made it all. Thanks to Pediatric Chiropractic, Oliver is now a thriving, smiling, crazy healthy 9 year old beautiful little boy. So while he was already on track with his pediatric obsession and focus, from the day Oliver was born to his last, the only thing Dr. Tony focuses on is making a massive shift in society where Pediatric Chiropractic will be the FIRST choice for health care in families everywhere, not the last.

Find out more about their new program on Communications in a Pediatric practice here

Check out their upcoming Epic 90-Day Ignite Program starting in May

It’s Not You, It’s Me


Have you been on the receiving end of these 5 words? Or said them to someone?

They can casually dismissive, or heavy with truth.

But at the end of the day, those words are an indication that something’s just not working in the relationship and a new direction for both parties is necessary.

What about the relationship you have with your practice?

A close colleague recently reminded me that practices are ‘organic living entities’ that ebb and flow with who we are, how we are showing up, and the distractions that may be presenting themselves in our lives.

Sounds pretty much like a relationship to me. What do you think?

Sometimes our relationship with our practice changes and we realize it’s not our practice that has changed, but WE have changed.

Maybe you’ve added a child to your family.
Maybe you have extended family that needs more attention.
Maybe your clinical interests have changed.
Maybe your children have grown up I and you’re finding yourself with extra time.
Maybe you’ve suffered an injury that affects how you practice.
Maybe you have new hobbies you’d love to spend time enjoying.

Wherever you’re at, just know that it’s OK….

… to be curious about a new direction, to seek more joy in your life, and to redefine your practice so that it works for you, instead of you working for your practice.

Need a little direction? Reach out.

RDL #113: Dr. Danielle Finden | Keeping Your Healing Practice From Hurting You

How can you prevent your healing practice from hurting you? In this conversation with Dr. Danielle Finden we discuss the  suggestions she provides in the technique manual she created, and ways to avoid emotional fatigue by making self care a priority and effectively scheduling time to be most productive, healthy and happy. Dr. Finden also offers her best tips to build positive Associate arrangements and why she believes they are an ideal situation for many Chiropractors. 

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About our guest:

Dr. Danielle Finden lives in the Twin Cities, MN, where she owns and operates two clinics and has been featured in Minnesota Monthly Magazine as a top chiropractor in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018! She created an online training program titled Associate Academy, providing personal and professional development topics accompanied by written exercises. Dr. Finden is also the author of Alternative Chiropractic Technique: How to Keep Your Healing Practice From Hurting You, highlights ways to avoid injury while performing manual chiropractic adjustments. She serves as adjunct faculty at Northwestern Health Sciences Universityis a contributing author to DC Practice Insightsand a podcast guest on several shows highlighting entrepreneurs.

The Simple Key to Success Shared by Most of My Guests

One of the common questions I’ve asked the majority of my guests on the show is about juggling different roles that we all play. How do you excel and bring your best as a clinician, a team leader, a business person, parent, spouse? I ask how they stay focused and grounded, and the answer, time and time again, is simply this:

Stay present.

Whether you’re in your practice, with your family, or doing something else that you enjoy, focusing on the moment you are IN rather than what is AHEAD or BEHIND you, can help us slow down a little and give our time and attention to what’s currently in front of us.

I find this tricky – my mind is always filled with ideas and thoughts, but it’s certainly something I am working on.

How do you focus your energy in the different roles you play? What’s your best tip? I’d love to hear it. 

RDL #112: Dr. Lacey Book

Are your business problems just personal problems in disguise? Dr. Lacey Book discusses why she often observes this with her clients, and why she believes that creating community and connection is vital to effective marketing. We also discussed tips for working with your spouse, nurturing healthy relationships with stepkids, and the biggest barrier to increasing your revenue in business. 

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About Our Guest: 

Dr. Lacey Book has a passion to help chiropractors reach more people through marketing, sales and mindset strategies. She does this with her husband through the Black Diamond Club. She loves coaching chiropractors just starting their businesses. She is a speaker, runs 3 mission trips a year and is driven to help take chiropractic to the masses.