Breaking the Rules

This quick video is about why I’m breaking my weekend rule…

RDL #123: What I Wish I Knew Then | Previous Guests Share Their Best Advice

If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice about creating a successful life and prosperous business, what would you say? In this compilation episode previous guests weigh in on the advice they would give to new grads starting out in practice, or seasoned Doctors looking for new ideas, or hoping to make a bigger change. Check out their marketing ideas, communication tips and financial strategies in this week’s show! 

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RDL #122: Dr. Gilles LaMarche | Create Your Own Legacy

Need a little inspiration about the power of the body to heal? Or how to keep your passion for life and your profession alive after 40 years? This is the show for you!This episode is full of powerful stories of healing from Dr. Gilles LaMarche’s time in practice and what he witnessed with his own health. He also shares his best tips for creating a thriving business, how he defines success, and why he believes ongoing learning is key to developing confidence in practice. 

Mentioned in this episode:  https://rockstardoctorlife.com/rdl-107-the-growth-show/

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Gilles LaMarche is a chiropractor, educator, passionate healer, accomplished author, professional speaker, and inspiring certified personal development/executive coach. Dr. LaMarche found his calling as a healer when at the age of twelve he was taken to a chiropractor after years spent as an “unwell” child. His only expectation was that a chiropractor might help him resume regular activities without pain; little did he know that one meeting would change the course of his life.

For almost 40 years, he has studied the philosophy of success, a hobby that has supported his vision to share the message of health and personal responsibility. He is the author of 13 books and numerous articles focused on health and healing; The ART of Being Healthy series has been read by hundreds of thousands with contributing authors from multiple continents. In addition to his roles as Vice President of University Advancement at Life University, member of The Australian Spinal Research Foundation Research Review Panel, and appointments to numerous committees and boards in Cobb County, his current projects include the book The ART of Being Healthy – A collection of real life accounts of people healing with chiropractic; and Tribe of Chiropractic MenTORS

Gilles has learned to balance his life, enjoying a successful professional career and a wonderful personal life. His personal philosophy encompasses mind, body and spirit. He believes in the great importance of commitment and responsibility to the world in which we live. He is a husband, a doctor, a teacher, and a friend, and proud Dad to three terrific young adults, and “Papa” to three beautiful girls, and two “little men”. His mission is to help all those he meets achieve their potential. Gilles is a little man with a big heart and an open spirit. He has chosen to live his life from a position of “Loving Service – My First Technique”, a way of life he learned from his mentor Dr. James W. Parker.

Find out more:

Raptors Wisdom

In Toronto we are still riding high from the Raptors winning the NBA Championship! My son took this video of star Kyle Lowry at the end of the game, and I love what he said: 

Winning took hard work, not letting others tell them it couldn’t be done, and a great team of support. 

Sounds to me like the right combination for success in life and business too.

RDL #121: Drs. Andrea & Eric Nazarenko | Creating A Practice Around Your Children’s Lives

What are some of the benefits and challenges of working with your spouse? Drs. Andrea & Eric Nazrenko discuss how working with their  strengths, respecting each other, and creating a great team have allowed them to successfully parent their 3 young sons while also operating a busy family practice. They also discuss how they clearly defined their ideal family and business life at the onset of their career, and how they are unapologetically, consistently, honouring their values to design their life. Now International Best Selling authors, they also share their passion for functional medicine and how they hope to help more Chiropractors integrate it successfully into their practices. 

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About Our Guests:

Dr. Eric Nazarenko runs a high volume family wellness center in Lexington, SC focused on improving function and overall health.  Along with his wife, business partner, and Psychologist  Dr. Andrea Nazarenenko he is the Co-author of When Food Hurts, the international best selling book that empowers the masses to take control of their own destiny by improving gut health. Connect with them in their facebook group for parents: Drs. Andrea & Eric’s Treehouse for Empowered Parents

RDL #120: Dr. Nima Rahmany | Get Out Of Your Head!

Can you get out of your head and into your heart? In this conversation with Dr. Nima Rahmany we discuss why purpose and meaning give you context for everything, and how an existential crisis with his career led him to discover his passion for helping people overcome emotional wounds that prevent them from living their life fully and finding true success. We also talked about the inability for external ‘stuff’ to truly offer fulfilment, and wrapped up with a great tool to help us increase our self acceptance and expand our capacity to love ourselves.


Episode #117: https://rockstardoctorlife.com/rdl-117-dr-mously-leblanc/

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About Our Guest: 

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a Chiropractor in private practice for the past 18 years, but in the past 3 years he has also fallen in love with helping people transform their emotional wellbeing through workshops and mentoring he offers. He has taught his programs internationally to help overwhelmed professionals combat anxiety and depression to create their best year ever by aligning their personal life and business goals with their truth. Watch his entertaining videos and learn more at www.drnima.com

Drs. Andrea & Eric Nazarenko |Creating A More Family Friendly World

Bestselling authors with a busy family practice talk about how they have created a business around being parents to their 3 young boys. Check it out! Full episode drops next week 

Dr. Nima Rahmany | What Are You Chasing?

You’ll have to wait until next Monday to hear the full podcast conversation but check out this quick video where we talk about happiness and why it can still seem challenging for people who supposedly ‘have it all’ …

RDL #119: Dr. Jason Richardson | Start Yesterday!

Is your standard of success one that YOU created? Psychologist, Gold Medalist, Coach, and Entrepreneur Dr. Jason Richardson talks about why boredom kills our spirit, why a ‘purpose anchors everything’,  and why it’s our personal responsibility to share our strengths, talents and gifts to help others. He also discusses the importance of having a passion for ‘one thing’ outside your work and family, how he best manages his time, and why he believes we already have within us everything we need to succeed in life.

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Jason Richardson is a World Champion, Pan Am Games Gold Medalist, Speaker, Coach, and Olympic Psychologist.

While competing as a professional BMX athlete, Jason was able to graduate College and go on to earn both an MBA in Global Management and a Doctorate in Psychology.  His successful transition from professional cycling to helping other professionals is part of the foundation (and proof!) for his #ChampionshipLife ethos–Winning in Business, Sport, and Life!

Jason knows that being a champion increases your true impact. This begins with growing your mindset and getting to work on your new path. Neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology, sport psychology, and good ol’ fashion wisdom are but just a few of the ingredients Jason employs as he helps people redefine their limits.

Jason is a sought-after speaker and consultant, who works closely with high performance teams, executives, and athletes. He is also an on-air TV and broadcaster, commentating at international events for his sport – staying true to his passion