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2 Ways To Get Sh*t Done

I’m often asked how I ‘do’ much, and how manage my time. To be honest, this question used to really make me think. Even though I run a private practice, produce a podcast and programs for the Rockstar Doctor community, work with 1-1 Mentoring Clients, coach with Dr Ed Osburn & Dr. Jason Richardson in…

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

Right…. Have you been on the receiving end of these 5 words? Or said them to someone? They can casually dismissive, or heavy with truth. But at the end of the day, those words are an indication that something’s just not working in the relationship and a new direction for both parties is necessary. What…

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The Simple Key to Success Shared by Most of My Guests

One of the common questions I’ve asked the majority of my guests on the show is about juggling different roles that we all play. How do you excel and bring your best as a clinician, a team leader, a business person, parent, spouse? I ask how they stay focused and grounded, and the answer, time…

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What’s Your Definition of a Rockstar Doctor Life?

Last week a man in my practice told me he was looking for a new Chiropractor because he felt the one he was seeing had lost his enthusiasm. I had a few different emotions when he said this.  I was happy to see him in my office, but it made me a little sad for…

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What Do You Really Want?

What do you really want?  You can’t build a plan without really knowing what you’re after.  My experience has been than many people, at different times of their life, have stopped thinking about this, or just really never have asked themselves what they want for themselves. It’s so easy when we are busy to just…

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