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Tune in for engaging, conversational and in-depth discussions with a variety of Chiropractors practising in different settings, creating lives and businesses that they love. As a Chiropractic lifestyle show, we discuss what it means to create a successful business while establishing work-life balance, dealing with challenges, ways to growing a practice with cutting edge marketing, and how to keep learning and stay inspired.

RDL #168: 10 Guests & 10 Ideas To Help You Kick Off 2022

What’s your ONE idea? If you were asked what the one thing you’d like other Chiropractors and Health Professionals to know to grow themselves and their business in the year ahead, what would you say? In this special episode Dr. Melissa Longo invited previous guests back to answer this simple question. You’ll hear thoughts about the...

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RDL #167: Luck Or Lifestyle?

What’s LUCK got to do with success? Very little! In this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo she discusses why the choices you make are more important when hustling for what matters, how to shift your focus if you’re feeling ‘unlucky’ and what to remember to keep rocking it in your life and business. Contact Dr. Melissa Longo to find...

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RDL #166: Dr. Nona Djavid | Motivated By Fearless Faith

Are you motivated by fear or by faith? What if it could be both? Dr. Nona Djavid shares her story of the past 12 years in practice and how she has learned to embrace both faith in her abilities and the fear of chasing new dreams to create an entrepreneurial life that helps others. We also...

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RDL #165: Your Message Matters

Suffering from self doubt? Feeling like an imposter? Afraid to share your message of health with others because of how it may be received? You are not alone. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure of yourself you’ll need to hear this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo today. She shares why your uniqueness is crucial to helping others, how...

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RDL#164: Dr. Stanton Hom | Being The Change

Can you be the change? It’s easy to get caught up in things that you cannot control, but what if you focus your attention on being the change you want to see in the world instead? In this conversation with Dr. Stanton Hom we discuss what his military experiences taught him, how he’s found the courage to take...

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RDL #163: Dr. Andrea Friese | Change Your Story!

What stories are limiting you? In this conversation with Dr. Andrea Friese we discuss her experience in life and practice over the past few years, and how she discovered the power of habits and recovered from being on autopilot and not truly considering what makes her happy. We also discussed the importance of celebrating where you...

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RDL #162: Resolve To Evolve! 3 Times To Shift Your Business

Is it time to shift something in your business? In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses 3 crucial times to ask yourself this question and why boredom will always inhibit your success and happiness. She also outlines the steps you can take to let go of what’s not working in your business, and courageously keep moving your practice...

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RDL #161: Dr. Justin Moseley | Rewrite Your Story!

Is there another way you can help people besides clinical practice? Dr. Justin Moseley asked himself this question when he suffered a shoulder injury, changed his focus, and built an entirely new business supporting entrepreneurs in mastering their mindset. In this conversation we discuss the importance of taking risks, embracing failure, rethinking your purpose, and surrounding...

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RDL #160: Dr. Fiona Lovely | Are You Listening To Your Head Or Your Heart?

What does it mean to be successful in clinical practice? Dr Fiona Lovely asked herself this question, and redefined her business to better reflect the lifestyle she wanted. We also discussed why delegation is part of success, her passion for  supporting women’s health, how to discern what your heart is saying instead overthinking every decision, and why...

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RDL #159: Dr. Sachin Patel | Living Proof Your Practice Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

Can you expand your chiropractic practice to include functional medicine? Dr. Sachin Patel thinks so, and in this episode he shares his journey from practising as a sports specific Chiropractor to now coaching other health professionals on how to adjust their business model and expand their clinical offerings. He shares his personal story, what motivates his...

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RDL #158: Dr. Peter Camiolo | Are You A Leader Worth Following?

Are You A Leader Worth Following? Being the CEO of your practice is not easy, but in this episode with Dr. Peter Camiolo we discuss some key leadership principles to help you build culture, focus on growth, and embrace the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. We also discussed why challenges test your values, how to follow you intuition,...

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RDL #157: Dr. Michael Viscarelli | AMPLIFY Your Voice!

Do you know what brings you joy and are you willing to fearlessly chase it? In this episode Dr. Michael Viscarelli talks about why this is vital, and why finding your voice and expressing what makes you unique is so important for your practice growth and fulfillment in life! We also discussed his three tips for...

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