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Tune in for engaging, conversational and in-depth discussions with a variety of Chiropractors practising in different settings, creating lives and businesses that they love. As a Chiropractic lifestyle show, we discuss what it means to create a successful business while establishing work-life balance, dealing with challenges, ways to growing a practice with cutting edge marketing, and how to keep learning and stay inspired.

RDL #158: Dr. Peter Camiolo | Are You A Leader Worth Following?

Are You A Leader Worth Following? Being the CEO of your practice is not easy, but in this episode with Dr. Peter Camiolo we discuss some key leadership principles to help you build culture, focus on growth, and embrace the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. We also discussed why challenges test your values, how to follow you intuition,...

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RDL #157: Dr. Michael Viscarelli | AMPLIFY Your Voice!

Do you know what brings you joy and are you willing to fearlessly chase it? In this episode Dr. Michael Viscarelli talks about why this is vital, and why finding your voice and expressing what makes you unique is so important for your practice growth and fulfillment in life! We also discussed his three tips for...

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RDL #156: Dr. Michelle Campbell | Evolving With Your Practice

What’s the best way to get clear on the kind of practice you want? Dr. Michelle Campbell shares how her experience working as a locum helped her distill the type of practice she would ultimately create, and why finding out what doesn’t work can help you refine your practice even further. As a mother of twins, Dr. Campbell...

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RDL #155: Dr. David Jackson | Chasing Goals Vs. Being Goal Driven

What’s the difference between chasing your goals and being driven by them? In this second conversation with Dr. David Jackson we dive deep into this topic and discuss how his clients successfully used the past year to reboot their business while getting reconnected to the life that matters to them. We also shared ideas about how...

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RDL #154: Dr. Jeff Langmaid | Results Follow Action!

Are you willing to try new things or do you get stuck overthinking before you are willing to take a leap? Dr. Jeff Langmaid believes results follow action, and he shares how his career working clinically in multidisciplinary settings, podcasting, and helping Doctors create content for their practices has shaped this idea. We also discussed two tips for...

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RDL #153: Dr. Lise Cloutier | Make Your Vocation Your Vacation

Is it time to reinvent your life and practice? Dr. Lise Cloutier shares her story of relocating to the tropics to build the life and practice she always dreamed of, and how she has learned to simplify her practice style so that it aligned with where she wanted to prioritize her time. We also discussed the importance...

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RDL #152: Dr. Scott Watier | Find Your Passion Through Action

Does passion for your work come from within, or from your experiences? Dr. Scott Watier shares his story of being in private practice with his wife, what he discovered in chasing success, and why he changed course in his business to find greater personal fulfillment. Dr. Watier also discusses why he is more motivated by focusing on daily...

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RDL # 151: Dr. Monique Andrews | Science Is Sexy!

Can neuroscience be sexy? Dr. Monique Andrews thinks so! In this episode we discuss how her studies in neurology led her to a career in Chiropractic that included private practice, becoming teaching faculty, and starting a foundation. We also discussed some of Dr. Andrew’s ideas for working with your spouse, delegating tasks so that you can do...

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RDL #150: Roberto Monaco | Tell Your Story!

How can sharing stories bring more certainty to your communications? Roberto Monaco is a Master trainer and coach in public speaking and passionate about working with Chiropractors to help them share their message. In this entertaining conversation we discussed the power of storytelling and the biggest communication struggles he observes with his clients. We also talked...

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RDL #149: Dr. Jennifer Anacker | Learn By DOING!

Does your life or practice feel stagnant? Are you willing to take a risk to try something new? Dr Jennifer Anacker shares her adventures in Chiropractic and how she merged her lifestyle desires with her business goals. From starting as an Associate to now operating two private family wellness practices, her 18 years of experiences, challenges and...

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RDL #148: Dr Tamara MacIntyre | Trust Your Rebel Heart

Can you embrace being a little rebellious to create the life and  practice you want? In this week’s show Dr. Tamara MacIntyre shares her experiences from private practice, teaching, and being a college administrator and the lessons and gifts in staying curious about personal growth. We also discussed how our ego and work can get intertwined and the importance...

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RDL #147: Dr. Chad Mykietiuk | Be Different, Not Better

How Is Being Different Valuable In Your Practice? In this episode Dr. Chad Mykietiuk shares his ideas on why embracing being distinct is an asset in business, and the importance of an open-minded attitude for professional collaboration and growth. As the President of the Canadian Alliance For Chiropractic he also discussed the value of diversity in the profession,...

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