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Tune in for engaging, conversational and in-depth discussions with a variety of Chiropractors practising in different settings, creating lives and businesses that they love. As a Chiropractic lifestyle show, we discuss what it means to create a successful business while establishing work-life balance, dealing with challenges, ways to growing a practice with cutting edge marketing, and how to keep learning and stay inspired.

RDL # 144: Dr. Richard Ledda | Learn By Doing

How can you learn anything new if you never try? In this episode with Dr. Richard Ledda we talked about embracing fear and leaning into things that scare you in life and business, and how it is integral to our growth! We also discussed the importance of living with a grateful heart and why Dr. Ledda feels inspired...

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RDL #143: Dr. Robert Kipp | 3 Tips For Teams That Rock!

How strong is the team in your practice? In this conversation with Dr. Robert Kipp we discuss how you can effectively build a strong foundation with the people you work with, and some of the common mistakes many Doctors make. Dr. Kipp also shares some of his best resources from 19 years in private practice, why he believes...

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RDL #142: Seven Choices That Support Your Family & Business Right Now [BONUS EPISODE]

How are you spending your days in lockdown? It’s not easy to navigate the emotions Doctors are facing within their homes right now, or the unique stresses that businesses are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, it’s been quite challenging for most people in all professions. Although there are many things outside our control, Dr. Melissa...

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RDL #141: Dr. Christina Padilla | Creating A Mobile Practice That Rocks!

Do you do house calls? Dr. Christina Padilla does! In fact she has created a great practice that aligns with her personal priorities, clinical expertise, and brings her tremendous joy. If you’re curious what this style of practice looks like, you’ll want to tune in! Dr. Padilla shares her story of how she launched her mobile practice,...

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RDL #140: Dr. Paul Reed | The Journey Is The Joy

Can You Be Rigid, Yet Flexible? In this conversation with Dr. Paul Reed we discuss why he believes being self aware and congruent with your values is paramount to success, but how he has learned that adaptability to change is also key! In the 22 years since he graduated he has built multiple practices, expanded...

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RDL #139: Dr. Amy Spoelstra | FOCUS On Brain Development and Building a Business Around Your Values

Are you Focused? In this week’s show Dr. Amy Spoelstra discusses how she creates the life and practice of her dreams by aligning with her personal values, continuously learning, and accepting the seasons in life and business. We also discussed why she believes focusing on brain development in her practice has been a key to her...

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RDL #138: Dr. Brian Ferguson | Elevate Yourself & Your Profession!

What can you do to elevate the profession? Dr. Brian Ferguson shares his ideas from 27 years in practice, and why he believes staying inquisitive has been one of the secrets of his success – he even started asking questions during our interview! A strong team leader, Dr. Ferguson also discusses some of the key ways he...

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RDL #137: Dr. Hollen Meyer | Get Off Your Island!

What’s holding you back from sharing your message of health? In this honest conversation with Dr. Hollen Meyer we discuss how life’s unexpected challenges can launch you into a new direction and reignite your purpose and vision. Dr. Meyer also shares her three tips to increase your visibility on social media and television, and how to...

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RDL #136: Dr. Matt Bradbury | Show Up & Be Yourself!

What’s a simple way to grow your practice and have fun in the process? Dr. Matt Bradbury shares his ideas and why he believes that the easiest thing to do is just be yourself! We also discussed his favourite Instagram tips, his path to owning his own practice after working as an associate, and how he...

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RDL #135: How Are You Going to Rock 2020? Ten Guests Share What They Learned Last Year

What did you learn in 2019, and how are you setting yourself up to rock 2020? Dr. Melissa Longo posed these questions to some of our favourite previous guests on the show and you will love their answers! Relationship tips, team strategies, habits to let go of, business stats to track, and so much wisdom and life...

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RDL #134: Get Ready To Rock 2020! | The BSIMPLE Way To Set Goals For Your Life & Business

It’s a perfect time to set goals for your business, your family life, and YOU! In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo shares the simple formula she teaches in the Simple Practice program to get clear on what you want in 7 dimensions of your life, and why writing it down is a powerful way to make...

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RDL #133: Dr. Ben Lerner | Build Your Business Around Your Family

Are you using the power of stories to share your message and stay inspired? Dr. Ben Lerner shares his experience building a high impact practice, being a committed father and husband, writing best-selling books and managing multiple businesses with unstoppable energy and enthusiasm. We also learn some of his secrets to maximizing his time, why he obtained...

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