Saturday January 21st, 2023



❥ Get clear on who you are and how to present yourself

❥ Elevate your style & dress with greater confidence

❥ Increase your energy, sleep, mobility, & libido

❥ Create new relationships with other amazing women

❥ Assert yourself in your life and career with clarity

Saturday January 21st, 2023



Saturday January 21st, 2023



❥ Get clear on who you are and how to present yourself

❥ Elevate your style & dress with greater confidence

❥ Increase your energy, sleep, mobility, & libido

❥ Create new relationships with other amazing women

❥ Assert yourself in your life and career with clarity

Hey there lovely lady,

Take 30 seconds & check in with yourself:

Can you relate to any of these comments I’ve heard my clients, friends, and random strangers in coffee shops blurt out?


“I wish had my kids energy. I’m tired of being tired.”

“I feel like I have no time for myself, let alone making my health a priority.”

“I don’t feel like myself lately and need to get my groove back.”

“I’m so ready to shake things up and refresh myself, I need a change.”


“I have so many creative ideas but having a tough time translating them into business.”

“I’m not connecting with the ideal customers I want to work with, but I’m attracting plenty of the wrong ones.”

“I’ve been feeling Invisible and a little irrelevant in my workplace and not recognized for my skills.”


“I’ve gotten lazy in my appearance and having hard time finding my style again.”

“I’m bored with my clothes but don’t want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe.”

“I’m not sure how to navigate the latest fashion trends and if they are right for me.”

Girl, I hear you.

We’re all at different stages in life, and as we grow our priorities shift and change. That longing you feel – for more energy, or more creativity in your business or your personal style – is life calling you to reach out and ask for more.

If you’re ready to take a fun, inspiring step in that direction, I’ve got you.

In my clinical practice I’ve seen women’s bodies transform with health habits that fit their lifestyle.

In my consulting work I’ve seen women’s businesses transform when they recommit to their health, own their originality, and work smarter by focusing on what matters.

I’m putting it all together for a live event and invited some other badass women to share their talents and it may just be one of the best gifts you can give yourself to launch into 2023.

wanna join us for

Beauty, brains &


If you could spend 5 hours in an interactive setting with fierce women of all ages and stages of life and leave with some ideas to:


Get clear on who you are and how to present yourself.


Elevate your style & dress with greater confidence.


Increase your energy, sleep, mobility, & libido.


Create new relationships with other amazing women.


Assert yourself in your life and career with clarity.

Would you be interested?


During our time together we’ll start with hearing from industry experts on all things beauty and style, such as how to:

Shop your closet & refresh your style with few simple changes.

Accessorize with confidence.

Choose styles that suit your body shape and size.

Nourish your skin and get glowing with skin care and make up tips.

You'll Also...

Listen to licensed Health Care Professionals share their ideas on how to take care of your big beautiful brain to help you move more, think clearer, eat well & take care of all your emotional needs as a woman to avoid overwhelm, burnout and live with purpose and vitality. 

Hear a panel discussion with photographers who’ll share their ideas about well branded images and their tips for making your photos stand out, feel like you, and put you at ease your next photo session.

Then, we’ll pull it all together and discuss some ways you can brand yourself, share your story, and maximize how you market yourself. We’ll talk about the biggest branding mistakes, how to make a serious impact without taking yourself too seriously and having some fun with your marketing.

Oh and you’ll also enjoy a healthy lunch, have breaks to move your body, and share some laughs with others.

WHERE & WHEN we're doing it

Collingwood Foundry, Collingwood ON
◎ Saturday January 21st, 2023
◎ 9am – 5pm
◎ Catered lunch
◎ Prizes
◎ Swag
◎ Workbook
◎ Online Community
◎ Evening social (optional)
◎ Join us for only $298.

A little about me...

I believe every woman has power, a unique message, and a one of a kind personal brand that needs to be highlighted.

I believe health is our most important asset, and we create it by the conscious choices we make.

In my 20 years of clinical practice I’ve helped women take control of their health, and in the past 5 years I’ve helped hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, and creative souls grow their business through my coaching programs and individual mentoring experiences.

I’ve had over 250 interesting and inspiring conversations with incredible leaders in health and wellness, business strategy on my podcasts Rockstar Doctor Life, Work, Play, Hustle & Heal, and Adjust Your Life.

I’ve worked as a coach in a program for Health Care Professionals who want to expand their your practice virtually, and helped these clients discover their passion, build their business, and use modern marketing strategies to engage clients.

I have a branding and design company and have helped my clients transform the way they present themselves and share their ideas publicly.

I’ve done all this while raising my two sons, and having plenty of time for all my important relationships, my health, drinking good coffee and exceptional wine, and hitting the beach or trails every season and almost every day.

Over time I realized, my coaching experience + creating a life by design = An amazing opportunity to empower other women to achieve the same results.

What I seem to be good at is helping others find clarity on what they want because I learned this through many hard life lessons and having to rebuild my life more than once. I’m also good at messaging, marketing and helping my clients find their voice and share it, because when I found mine everything shifted exponentially.

I’ve been witness to the magic that happens when people make their health a priority, and assert themselves with more congruency in their business … and in this special event we’re putting it all together to help you start to make this happen for yourself.

Check out our last event

We had a blast learning, sharing and networking at Grow With Flow in the spring of 2022.
Hosted at the Collingwood Foundry, the coolest co-working space in Collingwood!

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