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Do you work for your practice, or does your practice work for you?

This question has led me on an incredible journey of discovery and toward my true calling in life: Helping health professionals design a practice that suits them to a tee.

My career has brought me into contact with thousands of Docs who felt like their practice structure was running them ragged. Through private one-on-one coaching, my work as a coach with The Inner Circle, my podcast Rockstar Doctor Life and my series of online programs, I have seen first hand, that anyone can create a practice that serves their lifestyle.

I love what I do, because it lets you love what you do.


I’ve learned so much in my work and don’t want to keep it all to myself!
These resources are free and designed to help you rock your practice.


Nothing gets me more fired up than helping others succeed. I want to work with you, and have several options for doing so.


Whether you’re feeling a little behind, want to add a little spring to your next steps, or are ready to revolutionize your practice, I can help. Reach out today to tap in to my years of experience helping other Docs like you take it to the next level, through lifestyle tune-ups and professional revolutions.


From optimizing your email marketing, to doing a practice overhaul, all of my programs are designed to regain that spark that got you started. Doctors have a tendency to get a little clinical – these programs will help you inject your personality into your practice.


My podcasts are here to remind you that you can have it all, as long as you know what all is for YOU.  Learn from the best of the best Docs through the Rockstar Doctor Life podcast. Work, Play, Hustle & Heal is a series of monologues that will propel you into your bigger future.


Sought after coach, mentor, professional speaker and chiropractor, Dr. Melissa Longo has made a career out of supporting her community. From the people in her practice to the greater Chiropractic community, she is known as a cheerleader for health, the power of body, and the importance of consciously cultivating a life that serves you.
Her signature program, Your Simple Practice has supported many doctors just like you, to not only simplify, but reevaluate and build up a practice that aligns with their values and lifestyle. 
Her podcast, Rockstar Doctor Life invites the best of the best Chiropractors and Health Practitioners to discuss real life successes and overcoming obstacles, parenting ideas, peak performance and productivity strategies, and so much more!

WORK, PLAY, HUSTLE & HEAL Recent Episodes

Ready to adjust your business to create a lifestyle you love? If you’re a badass heath professional who dreams of impact without giving up your health, lifestyle or time with the people who matter to you, we’re glad you’ve found us. Each episode Dr. Melissa Longo dives into a hot topic to help you WORK smarter, PLAY more, embrace the HUSTLE, and help others HEAL as a health professional. Success tips, practical resources, business strategies, motivation and a healthy dose of fun will help you consistently moving forward.

40: From Surviving To Thriving | Shift Your Health In The Next 90 Days

What if you could shift your body from surviving to thriving? In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo shares her clinical expertise and what she teaches within her practice to help...

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#39: 2 Ideas To Redefine Failure In Your Life

What if you redefined what failure meant to you? If you’re an entrepreneur you’ll certainly be familiar with this topic. However,  the whole human experience is full of moments and...

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38: Chris-Anne Donnelly | Intuition, Intention & Doing Business Differently

If you used your intuition more, would that change your business?  In this conversation with International best-selling author Chris-Anne Donnelly we hear why, and how, being intentional with  choices and tapping into...

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#37: 5 Ways To Embrace Taking Risks

Are you risk-averse or a risk-taker? Whether you’ve been forced into taking risks because of life circumstances, are naturally inclined to jump into new adventures, or find yourself on the...

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Recent Episodes

Tune in for engaging, conversational and in-depth discussions with a variety of Chiropractors practising in different settings, creating lives and businesses that they love. As a Chiropractic lifestyle show, we discuss what it means to create a successful business while establishing work-life balance, dealing with challenges, ways to growing a practice with cutting edge marketing, and how to keep learning and stay inspired.

RDL #181: Bharon Hoag | Disrupting & Defending The Rights Of Chiropractic Clinical Practice

What are some of the current threats to practising as a licensed Chiropractor? In this special feature episode, Dr. Melissa Longo sits down with Bharon Hoag, Executive Director of One...

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RDL #180: FINAL EPISODE | What Does It Mean To Live A Rockstar Doctor Life? Previous Guests Share Their Thoughts

What does it mean to lead your own Rockstar Doctor Life? In this special final episode Dr. Melissa Longo posed this question to previous guests and you’ll love this compilation...

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RDL #179: Vanessa Locicero | Is Your Practice Legally Lit?

Is Your Practice Legally Lit? In this episode we talk to special guest Vanessa Locicero, a lawyer with ideas on how to help you live your rockstar doctor life by...

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RDL #178: 9 Questions To Shift Your Life & Practice This Fall

The right questions give better perspectives for what needs to evolve, when was the last time you asked yourself one of these ones?  In this monologue episode Dr. Melissa...

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