Are you a practice owner looking for more freedom, income and fun?! I’ve got a webinar series for you!

How can I help you move forward to feel more fulfilled in your life?

Maybe you currently feel like you’re rocking it in all areas of your life, but you know that there is always room for growth and that the right program or person can help them go from good to great, or from great to exceptional.

Maybe you’re feeling a little stressed, stuck, or are struggling to keep up with the demands of your family and business life, and you know that if you don’t make a change soon, nothing will change, and your physical and emotional health will continue to suffer.

If you resonate with either of these scenarios, and are looking for a little more direction to elevate your personal and business success this year, this might be just what you are looking for. 

90 Day Intensive

Would you love a customized, personal, and attentive mentoring relationship?  This is a boutique experience designed for people who want to work intensively and develop a deep 1-1 relationship with me. With weekly calls, 24/7 direct access via email/text, and the extensive resources I provide, you will grow your business, nurture your relationships, improve your personal health, develop your marketing and communication skills, and find more joy in all areas of your life. 


Want to learn more? Let’s talk. Choose a time that works for you, and we can discover together how I can help!



Since starting a successful practice in 2002 in beautiful Collingwood Ontario, Dr. Melissa Longo has made it her business to empower other doctors in their lives and careers – literally.  A fearless entrepreneur and sought-after mentor & coach, Dr. Melissa has also hosted the top rated podcast, Rockstar Doctor Life, for the past two years in addition to working as a coach within the Laptop Lifestyle Inner Circle Program since January 2019. 

Working with doctors one-on-one, coaching with the Inner Circle, questioning the best of the best on her podcast, and hands on experience building a practice that fits her to a tee, has given Dr. Melissa the passion to share with other doctors, the fact that it’s not only possible to have your dream practice, it’s very much within reach.


Want to learn more? Let’s talk. Choose a time that works for you, and we can discover together how I can help!


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