Build a recognizable, credible, professional brand with ease and confidence.


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“At a live event Melissa was coaching at she was able to see something in my branding that I was blind to. After my SHIFT after the event, I was able to start to gain traction when I have been spinning my wheels, married to something that just was not working. Thank you Melissa and I am very excited to continue to tweak under your guidance!!♥️


As a health practitioner your credibility is everything. I KNOW you know your craft. I KNOW you’ve paid your dues. But like it or not, if your online presence doesn’t look up to snuff, you’ll lose many potential clients before they even hear your offer.


We’ve come a long way, but our brains still have those old Neanderthal neural pathways that guide us along in life. One of those conflates familiarity with safety. Back in the day, an unfamiliar situation could literally mean death. Now in these less dramatic times, we probably won’t die in the face of an unfamiliar brand, but if we do recognize it, subconsciously we feel safer interacting with it.

Having a familiar look to all of your materials does so much of the work for you. Not only does it demonstrate professionalism, dedication, and the ability to plan & invest in your work, it does something magical in the viewer’s brain as it digests your material.

More than anything, your brand is a representation of YOU when you’re not there to explain yourself. A well executed brand not only conveys your personality and individuality, it calls in your ideal client by displaying potential similarities with their personalities, interests, quirks and talents.


Establish Authority

Dress to impress. Sharing your offer without an established brand is like doing a speaking engagement in your sweats. Impressions matter – make every one of them count.

Cultivate Trust

Being clear and confident in your brand identity is key to putting your audience at ease. Take the guesswork out of who you are, so they can focus on what you do. Trust is everything.

Simplify Your Message

No need to reinvent the wheel every time you create a new web page, email or document. Having simple branding guidelines in place lets you focus your creativity where it matters.


I’m not going to lie. There’s a right way, and there’s a very wrong way. Your brand should capture who you are, evoke a feeling of confidence, comradery and trust in its viewer, look sleek and simple, and stand the test of time. No big deal, right?

That’s why I designed the Own Your Brand Course. In it, I break down building a brand that lasts into simple, actionable steps, so that you walk away feeling confident and ready to share yours with the world.




  • Masterclass training series with a group
  • Unlimited lifetime Access to the training academy
  • Community forum for questions, accountability and support
  • Brand audit for existing designs
  • Participation in 3 brand discovery sessions with other participants
  • Q & A with Dr. Melissa Longo during online office hours, group calls and within the community forum

This program, valued at $997, is available in our beta launch for

JUST $297


Concise, step by step tutorials in 3 modules:

WHY branding matters

  • The science of brand recognition
  • Authenticity and credibility as a professional 
  • Leveraging your message and marketing

WHAT is your brand?

  • Clarity on what you want your business to represent and how YOU represent it
  • How do you start defining it?
  • Is it current and congruent with your current business model?

HOW do you create it?

  • Logo design elements
  • Copy writing basics
  • Design concepts made simple
  • Finding the right designers


Tools and resources for creating your own designs, extending your brand into your
physical space and customization for online and print materials!


Since starting a successful practice in 2002 in beautiful Collingwood Ontario, Dr. Melissa Longo has made it her business to empower other doctors in their lives and careers – literally.  A fearless entrepreneur and sought-after mentor & coach, Dr. Melissa has also hosted the top rated podcast, Rockstar Doctor Life, and currently hosts the Work, Play, Hustle & Heal Podcast in addition to working as a coach within the Laptop Lifestyle Inner Circle Program since January 2019. 

A relentless creator, Dr. Melissa has learned the ins and outs of branding for success. She’s used that knowledge to empower many doctors to develop brands that last. Working with doctors one-on-one, coaching with the Inner Circle, questioning the best of the best on her podcast, and hands on experience building her many, many offers, has given Dr. Melissa a unique view across the landscape of health professionals moving their businesses online, and everything it takes to nail it.