Created and hosted by Dr. Melissa Longo, Rockstar Doctor Life (formerly Rockstar Doctor Moms) is a Chiropractic lifestyle show designed to help you rock both your business life and personal life.

In every episode Dr. Melissa Longo and her guests discuss real life successes and overcoming obstacles, parenting ideas, peak performance and productivity strategies, and so much more!

Start your week with this fresh, edgy and fun podcast to find inspiration and ideas to grow your business, raising a healthy family, and do more of what you love.

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New Episodes

Tune in for engaging, conversational and in-depth discussions with a variety of Chiropractors practising in different settings, creating lives and businesses that they love. As a Chiropractic lifestyle show, we discuss what it means to create a successful business while establishing work-life balance, dealing with challenges, ways to growing a practice with cutting edge marketing, and how to keep learning and stay inspired.

RDL #102: Dr. Walter Salubro

What’s holding you back from creating the practice you really want? Dr. Walter Salubro discusses the experiences that eventually helped him move forward and build his private practice, why he believes “mindset is everything” and why knowing yourself is crucial when choosing the right practice environment.  Dr. Salubro has also built a successful YouTube channel that is teaching people about...

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RDL #101: Dr. Laurence Tham

Do you need to align and amplify? Dr. Laurence Tham shares why he believes these two principles can lead many Chiropractors towards success in both life and practice. We also discussed how ‘frameworks’ can help with communications more than ‘scripts’, why he believes Chiropractic needs a rebranding, and why letting go of expectations and having the...

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RDL #100! Special Commemorative Episode

In this special episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses her memorable episodes, and expands on these the 10 powerful messages that have been consistently shared from the 85+ guests:   1. Stand Up For What You Believe In 2. Define Success For YOU, not anyone else. 3. Look at the Long Game. 4. BE YOU. 5. Always...

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RDL #99: Dr. Monika Buerger

Be open to change, live with conviction, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Dr Monika Buerger shares her 28 years of experience including how she stayed resilient through challenges in practice, injuries, and personal loss. She also discusses how she has become healthiest in her 50’s, why she’s so passionate about the work she is doing...

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RDL #98: Dr. Tracy Wilson

Are you chasing the success you REALLY want? Dr. Tracy Wilson shares his wisdom from 22 years of experience, running multiple practice and raising 5 children. He shares some of his best business tips for working with a team, practising healthy habits, getting clear on our own definition of success, and why it’s important to move...

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RDL #97: Dr. Lisa Olszewski

Are you creating incredible value in your practice? Dr. Lisa Olszewski discusses the importance of building relationships, being a role model, creating her own definition of success and why setbacks are pivotal to our growth. We also discussed intermittent fasting, her Keto Summit, and the upcoming League of Chiropractic Women Retreat. Contact Dr. Melissa Longo to find out...

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RDL #96: Dr. Josh Wagner

What is the number one belief that can truly help people achieve what they desire?  In this week’s conversation with Dr. Josh Wagner we discuss this powerful question, how to create patient centred models of care, the fallacy of setting goals, and 6 incredible ways to take care of your mental health as a Chiropractor so you can...

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RDL #95: Dr. Aura Tovar

Are you taking good care of yourself so that you can best help others? Dr. Aura Tovar shares the importance of loving ourselves first and making daily routines for our health and wellbeing a priority so that we can find success in all the other parts of our lives. We also discussed how she has overcome challenges...

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Featured Guests

When you’re looking for incredible advice, you have to ask incredible people. We have been graced by the voices of many rockstar chiropractors giving it their all, and sharing it with us.