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Rockstar Doctor Moms



Being part of something, and learning from amazing humans has helped me solve many personal and professional dilemmas, and created new, fulfilling relationships that have enriched my life tremendously.

But sometimes I find them intimidating, overwhelming, and unappealing.

Not because I’m shy to share my opinion, or because I’m hesitant to speak up on a topic. Usually just because I’m not entirely sure I want hundreds (or possibly thousands) hearing what’s on my mind, and then entering into a discussion with me. I prefer more intimate, deeper connections.

To be honest, I also find they can be waste of time.

Our time as working moms is precious. Seriously precious. Which means we need to guard our minutes wisely. Have you ever found yourself caught up in a lengthy discussion that you never intended to be in? Or started comparing yourself to others, questioning yourself or just feeling overloaded with information? I sure have, and it’s a massive drain of energy!

Minimize, to expand.

I’ve pulled out of many groups I used to belong to, and have found MORE value by choosing selectively where to spend my time. For me, I’ve had an amazing experience in a group that is small (less than 100 people) and where there is a minimal investment to be part of it. So I started thinking ‘How cool would it be to have this with a bunch of doctor moms?’


Size matters (are you with me ladies? 😉)

As our community of Rockstar Doctor Moms continues to grow, the size of the group is a barrier for some conversations I know many of you want to have. Often during 1-1 mentoring sessions so many topics come up that I know would benefit other women, but with 300+ group members and growing sometimes it’s just not the right forum.

So here’s the deal…

If you love the Rockstar Doctor Moms group on Facebook but are looking for something with a little more depth and connection, a place where you can more freely ask questions, share what’s on your mind, and consistently elevate yourself as a woman…consider joining the Rockstar Doctor Moms Inner Circle!

For the investment of roughly 1 adjustment per month (at least where I practice) $40 you’ll receive a weekly video emailed to you, plus a membership in a private Facebook group.  Every week the topics will rotate between 4 key areas: Mindset, Health, Business & Relationships


  • You’d like weekly doses of practical ideas to help you live a happier healthier life as doctor mom. I promise. I’m a mom too! No overwhelm allowed
  • You resonate with the Rockstar Doctor Mom message and want to elevate yourself a little more with some accountability and direction
  • You want more depth and connection within a group environment that supports you as an individual, and nourishes who you are
  • You’d feel more comfortable asking questions or sharing your thoughts  about life, business, personal health, relationships in a smaller group
  • You’re happy with a coaching, mentorship, or other programs you are currently doing but would love to feel more supported as a woman and/or mom
  • You interested in learning more about healthy relationships, practice building, business strategies, improving your health, parenting and living your best life
  • You want to connect with other fabulous and fierce women just like you, women who are smart, strong, sexy and a little rebellious in designing their life and practice in a way that suits them


If one-on-ones are more your style, I’ve got you covered there too! Check out my mentoring page and book a discovery call today! 



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