The Simple Key to Success Shared by Most of My Guests

One of the common questions I’ve asked the majority of my guests on the show is about juggling different roles that we all play. How do you excel and bring your best as a clinician, a team leader, a business person, parent, spouse? I ask how they stay focused and grounded, and the answer, time and time again, is simply this:

Stay present.

Whether you’re in your practice, with your family, or doing something else that you enjoy, focusing on the moment you are IN rather than what is AHEAD or BEHIND you, can help us slow down a little and give our time and attention to what’s currently in front of us.

I find this tricky – my mind is always filled with ideas and thoughts, but it’s certainly something I am working on.

How do you focus your energy in the different roles you play? What’s your best tip? I’d love to hear it.