Get ready to

toss your assumptions

…about what it takes to create a profitable clinical practice that impacts your community but still aligns with your personal life and affords you time for what matters to you.

Here's just some of what I'll be sharing in this Masterclass:

The starting point for clarifying the business that you REALLY want, and how to distill this concept into an actionable plan that works.

The fastest and simplest way add more JOY to your daily business life, light your fire for helping others, and keep your energy high for the work you love.

The most common MISTAKE health professionals make when trying to build their business and position themselves as a trusted advisor for health and wellness, and how to avoid it.

The FIRST step to building awareness about who you are and the amazing services you offer to ensure you are attracting the right people to your practice?

The systems that are working now to afford your patients convenience, clinical results, and access to the care they want from you.

The 3 cycles of your business and which tasks to focus on depending on which stage you are at right now.

The easiest way to maximize your message and connect with more people when marketing your practice.

Who is this session for?

Do yourself a favour and DO NOT MISS this class if any of these statements connect with how you’re feeling:

  • I’m unsure of whether being an associate or owner is right for me
  • I’m often overwhelmed with the amount I feel I need to do in a day
  • I feel creatively stuck in how I want to market myself and my business
  • I’m tired of sacrificing time with my people to grow my practice
  • I know there has to be a simpler way to manage my clinical needs and provide great care
  • I just need some new ideas to fire up my passion for the work I love to do


A note from Melissa

I wish I knew in 2002 what I know now.

Ok that statement MIGHT apply to some of the adventures within my personal life too, BUT when it comes to business and growing a practice I wish someone told me that I could do things differently.

I wish someone showed me that I could actually create something that was sustainable for my young family and would allow me to use my best skills.

I wish I knew more about what and how to delegate, ways to grow my business that didn’t require sales tactics that made me squirm, and that my health and lifestyle could be a priority while I could still add income to my life.

I’ve learned a few things over the years, and when I applied the things I’ll be teaching in this class to my own life and business, it gave me the opportunity to expand, not shrink.

By simplifying my life and clinical practice I’ve been able to create 4 profitable podcasts, host and produce a television show, speak internationally at events, work as a business coach for hundreds of health care professionals, and design digital programs for countless students looking for some of the same ideas as you.

I created Your Simple Practice because of the countless conversations I’ve had with clients, podcast guests, and colleagues who were seeking more ease in their life. People who want growth and more income, but not at the expense of time with their family or personal health.

I can show you a different way to structure your practice, create systems that support retention and growth, communication tactics that feel like you, and still honour who you are and what you love to do when you’re not in your practice.

Sound good?

You could wait until ‘the right time’ to make some shifts in your practice, but what if the time is now?

The a's to your q's

Yes! Tuesday Feb 7 @ 1pm EST. You’ll want to join me live because interaction is always the most fun!

You bet! If this time just doesn’t work for you or something unexpected happens, or if you want to review everything we cover all over again…you’ll get access to the recording.

Yep! I’ll be making time for Q & A after the training and will get through as many questions as time allows.

I’ve packed this webinar with some serious value …


10amPST | 11am CST | 1pm EST

*replay available to registrants