What Do You Really Want?

What do you really want? 

You can’t build a plan without really knowing what you’re after. 

My experience has been than many people, at different times of their life, have stopped thinking about this, or just really never have asked themselves what they want for themselves. It’s so easy when we are busy to just get on autopilot, to keep doing…doing… and then doing more without pausing to stop and ask why.

There are many reasons l love Chiropractic, and one of them is that we can create practices and businesses that reflect who we are, and the lifestyle that we want. There are options for practice, and YES you really can choose.

It may be that your current situation is not your ideal, perhaps its a short term solution to help you develop skills, accumulate some funds, plan your next steps, or perhaps its the best way to nurture your family!

Or it may be that where you are at right now might just be perfect for you.


Or it may be that what you thought you wanted, isn’t really true. 

I’ve been there.

I learned what it feels like to feel overwhelmed, and not really feeling like I was doing anything successfully…parenting my sons, or running my business. The standards I had set for myself were not what my heart wanted.

So I shifted.  Now my kids are happier, my business has grown, my health improved, and so did my personal level of happiness and the amount of stress I feel.

This week I’m challenging you to ask yourself what you really want…

Where are things in your life NOW? 

  • Think of your dream list for personal life
  • And your dream list for your business

Then once you have your list, on a scale of 1-10, (10 = I’m rocking this, 1= not even close) how close are you to having it?

Is it time for you to take a leap you’ve been holding back on?

Are there a few adjustments to your business or personal life that may get you a little closer to living the life you dream of?

Practice is a marathon, a lifetime, not a sprint. You might have big dreams but you don’t need to accomplish them all right now.

Start with this simple exercise and create greater clarity for yourself as we wrap 2018 and set yourself up for 2019.

Need more guidance? 

I’m planning mentoring experiences for my clients in 2019, if you’re interested in exploring working with me book time a business discovery call here.