What’s Your Definition of a Rockstar Doctor Life?

Last week a man in my practice told me he was looking for a new Chiropractor because he felt the one he was seeing had lost his enthusiasm. I had a few different emotions when he said this.  I was happy to see him in my office, but it made me a little sad for this other Doctor, and at the same time, I had such empathy because I could relate to feeling that way. In fact it’s a conversation I have quite often with some of my clients. 

I can honestly say that after 17 years in practice my love for what I do grows each day, but I also know that there was a time where things could have changed and I might not have stayed in practice. 

 I spent first 10 yrs in practice frustrated, often discouraged, because I was trying to develop a business, be the best chiropractor and serve my community while also trying to be the best mom, raise my sons in a chiropractic lifestyle.

I wanted it all but constantly felt my heart pulled in 2 directions and that continued for years. 

Can you relate to that? 

What I hadn’t yet discovered in those first 10 years was that there are different ways to build a business and live a chiropractic  lifestyle, and that it was up to me to figure it out, not anybody else. 

It took a severe change in my life circumstances and a lot of challengetimes when I was stressed, strapped for cash, and struggling to find my way for me to get really clear on what I wanted for my life and business. I’m still asking myself that question consistently. 

In trying to figure things out I look for inspiration in many places, like I’m sure many of you do, for me one of them is music…I love music, and I love watching live performances.

When I think of typical rockstars, musicians who pursue their passion, live exciting lives, and share their gifts with the world – even when they face criticism and rejections.  They still go out and  perform, shine their light, rock on, and are appreciated for what they do, and live abundant lives

What would those attributes look like in your own Life? Rocking it in your practice and living a happy and fulfilled life with the people you care about and doing more of what you love?

I eventually realized that I too could have it all, live my own rockstar life, not only a chiropractor but as a HUMAN BEING as long as I got really clear on what important piece: figure out what ALL was for me.

This is my Rockstar Doctor Life: being a great mom, and great chiropractor in my family wellness practice, connecting with other Docs and teaching, and living my best life doing things I love when I’m not working.

Today I’m going to ask you to think about this question: what’s your Rockstar Doctor Life? 

Not sure where to even start with this question? 

Email me and I’ll give you a few ideas to get started.