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Ready to adjust your business to create a lifestyle you love? If you’re a badass heath professional who dreams of impact without giving up your health, lifestyle or time with the people who matter to you, we’re glad you’ve found us. Each episode Dr. Melissa Longo dives into a hot topic to help you WORK smarter, PLAY more, embrace the HUSTLE, and help others HEAL as a health professional. Success tips, practical resources, business strategies, motivation and a healthy dose of fun will help you consistently moving forward.

#2 – The Simplest & Toughest Question You Will Ever Ask Yourself

How clear are you on what you want? In your business? For your health? In your relationships? When was the last time you actually took a step back and asked yourself this question?  You can’t get creative to create the life you want, or hustle to make it happen without absolute clarity on this. In this...

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#1 – My Relentless Curiosity & Commitment To You | What This Show Is All About | My Favorite Things & Unique Quirks

In this kickoff episode Dr. Melissa Longo shares what you can expect from the show, why it’s important to hustle with heart, her curiosity for new ideas and which she is relentlessly committed to helping other health professionals live their healthiest and happiest lives while growing kickass businesses that they love. She also reveals some of her...

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