RDM 002: Can You Reach A Little Higher?

Where in your life are you playing it a little too safe and comfortable? Are you grabbing the ‘low-hanging fruit’ or reaching for what’s hanging higher above? Sharing a personal experience with her son, Dr. Melissa Longo discusses how playing it safe can leave you missing out on some of your best achievements, successes, and joy, and offers a simple way you can kindly give yourself a little confidence boost to take a step and push yourself  – whether this applies to your physical health, your business, or your relationships.

RDM 001: What Kind Of Practice Do You Really Want?

What kind of practice do you really want? Are you clear on the size, quality, type of care and outcomes you want to create for both your patients and your family? You really do get to decide, but too often we don’t stop and consider this during the different stages of our practice life, and end up stuck without the practice or family life we truly dream of having. Whether you are new in practice or a seasoned pro, during this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo we discuss how to get clear on your own definition of success, why it’s important, and quick tips how you can define what a successful practice looks like for you.

RDM 000: Kickoff! The ‘Why’ Behind This Podcast & The Story About Why it Matters For Doctor Moms

What is this new podcast for moms in practice all about? What topics will be covered? Who is Dr. Melissa Longo and what’s her story? It’s all here in this initial episode with Dr. Melissa Longo. You’ll hear the personal story behind why this show was created, why it’s important to moms juggling business and family life, and how you can benefit the most from the content that is shared.