RDM 015: Dr. Angela Barrow

Dr. Angela Barrow received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in March of 2000.  She spent the first year and a half of her career doing locums throughout Ontario.  In succession with that, she began her own practice in Milton, working side by side with her biggest mentor, her father, Dr. James Barrow.  In 2007, she and her husband had a son and started their family.

After 10 years of practice, Dr. Angela realized she was missing out on some of the moments she craved as a mother, and decided to dedicate more of her time to raising their son in his formative years.  She has since sold her practice in Milton and runs a home-based practice in Belwood, Ontario.  In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Angela shares the difficulty in that decision, but how it has profoundly affected her relationships and her quality of life in such a positive way, and ultimately been better than she could have ever expected.

Angela is a strong advocate for women and students in chiropractic, co-leading monthly webinars in Canada and the US to share her support and clinical wisdom, much of which she offers in this conversation. Listen to her tips on how to recharge, face your fears, find great mentorship and create your own definition of excellence as a doctor mom.

 You can connect with Dr. Angela Barrow here

RDM 014: Do Your Personal & Business Values Align With Your Behaviours?

Are you clear on your personal values and the values you have for your business? Are you living in a way that is congruent with your values or are you contradicting them?

In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses the importance of having clarity on your values to give you more peace, joy, and to help you live purposely and aligned with what you believe are your greatest priorities in life and business.

RDM 013: Dr. Sabrina Bercovitch

Dr. Sabrina Bercovitch is a mother of 3 beautiful, healthy, vibrant children and a passionate Family Chiropractor. She sees lots of expectant Moms, children of all ages and families in the practice she owns and runs with her husband, Dr. Jason Bercovitch. She transforms lives every day with the LiveWell For Life program, a lifestyle program which teaches and guides people to Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Sleep Well and Be Connected Well through optimization of the Brain-Body Connection For Life.

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo Sabrina shares her best tips for living life with purpose, passion and creating a business life that aligns with your family life. She openly shares her challenges with life in practice, why she almost left the profession she loves, and what has helped her persevere during times of challenge. As a Doctor mom, Sabrina also discusses how she measures her success in practice, continues to take care of herself, and keeps life with 3 active children running smoothly.

Dr. Sabrina was also a featured guest on the sister podcast Everyday Rockstar Moms and you can hear more from her in this amazing interview.

RDM 012: What Do Your Children Really Need?

What are the real needs of your children at their current ages and stages of development, and does your business life accommodate them?  Does something in your schedule or mindset need to be adjusted so that you can support your children the way they need, while still feeling good about your career? Are you pushing yourself to provide things for your children that might not be truly important or congruent with your values?

In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses the importance of regularly assessing your family life, and shares action steps to make small changes to create more joy and help balance our lives as mothers and business owners.

RDM 011: Dr. Stephanie Estima

Dr. Stephanie Estima is a big-hearted, energetic, and compassionate healer dedicated to changing lives through chiropractic for the past 13 years.  She is the owner and clinic director of The Health Loft, a brain based chiropractic and wellness clinic in downtown Toronto, and loves educating and caring for families.  Stephanie is also the mother of two incredible children, and believes that becoming a parent, and the process of parenting every day has taught her more about love, respect, forgiveness, patience, curiosity, and  human potential than she could have imagined before having children.

In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Stephanie offers her passion for chiropractic, what keeps her inspired, and her tips for building a great team of people around her. Stephanie also openly shares how tragedy (most Doctors worst nightmare) became her greatest opportunity because it helped her realize she needed to make some serious changes in her life.

Like all of us, Stephanie is a busy mom and offers her best tips, rituals, and resources for making her family life and business life align with her values and dreams as an entrepreneur.

You don’t want to miss this interview with another Rockstar Doctor Mom!

RDM 010: Social Proof & Why It’s Essential To Your Practice

Are you maximizing the support of people within you practice to boost your marketing and educational efforts? People love to hear stories, especially ones they can relate to. Are you effectively using them to build a community within your practice and attract new growth? In this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo you’ll learn 5 easy, fun, practical ways to incorporate success stories from patients into your practice to generate discussion, create awareness about the many benefits of your services, and keep your passion alive as a Doctor.

RDM 009: Sunday Fun-Day or Sunday Planning Day?

How are you setting up your week for success? On this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo we discuss a simple strategy to help you prioritize your time, understand when you might be distracted, teach your children a few basic planning skills, and increase communication within your family.

A simple tip to help you rock your family and business life!

RDM 008: Dr. Dodie Elkins

Dr. Dodie Elkins has established a family practice in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario since 2001 where she helps people regain their health and live their most ideal life both in her office and when coaching with Full Circle Coaching and Consulting. Playing many roles, Dodie is happily married, mother of 2 children, an athlete, friend, and outdoor enthusiast.

In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Dodie shares her lifelong passion for Chiropractic (Literally! She was in the seventh grade when she knew she wanted to be a Chiropractor!) and how she is always learning to be a better Doctor.

Dodie discusses her journey in practice, her days as an associate, owning multiple clinics, and the pivotal moment that forced her to slow down, reevaluate her priorities, and make a dramatic shift in her lifestyle.

Candidly sharing her experience as a mom, entrepreneur, and woman, Dodie offers her tips for practice success, and how she has now created a beautiful balance in her life through the lessons she has learned.

You don’t want to miss this interview with another Rockstar Doctor Mom!

RDM 007: What’s Your Word For 2017?

What do you want 2017 to look like for your business and your family? What are the most important things for you to achieve and learn, and how do you want to feel? More importantly, how are you going to make some changes?

Listen to this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo to hear her top strategy for setting intention and directing all goals for the 12 months ahead.

RDM 006: 5 Mistakes To Avoid On A Patient’s First Visit To Your Practice

Are you feeling like you’re doing it ALL? That things are not balanced within your family unit, you’re doing more of the work, and you’re a little tired of it?

In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo shares her strategy for powerfully shifting your mindset so that you can see your role within your family a little differently. A slight adjustment in your perspective just might change everything! Celebrate your strength as a woman, shine with your feminine gifts, and lead your family.