RDL #87: Dr. Kim Thor-Adams

What Do You Stand Up For? In this conversation with second generation Chiropractor Dr. Kim Thor-Adams we discuss having a vision strong enough to pull you forward, how to find the confidence to speaking up for what you believe in, dealing with opposition, online trolls, and why you’ll find greatness on the other side of fear. Dr. Thor-Adams also shares how she created time to write a book, the key to growing her practice, and how as a mom of two young children she’s cherishing the moments she can.

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About Our Guest  Dr. Kim was born and raised in Nebraska, receiving her education from Norfolk Catholic High School, Creighton University, and finally Palmer College of Chiropractic. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic diploma in 2009 after a preceptorship in Southern California. She has been practicing chiropractic in Norfolk, Nebraska for over eight years. Dr. Kim is married with two beautiful daughters.They light up her life and inspire her daily to live with meaningful purpose. She strives to take great care of each patient, like she would her own child.

In 2016 Dr. Kim became a published author of the book Choice. Please. with the hope that all children would be able to experience natural healthcare without governmental pressures or mandates that interfere with those choices. She strives to speak out at every possible opportunity for freedom of choice regarding natural healthcare decisions.