RDM 027: Dr. Laura Gravelle

Dr. Laura Gravelle is a family based wellness Chiropractor and owner of Gravelle Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre located in London Ontario.  Her passion for life, health and humanity are clearly demonstrated in all she creates. She believes we all have maximal potential within waiting to shine. She speaks widely in her community at the corporate level and at seminars on health, mindset, positive thinking and steps to creating an abundant life!

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Laura talks about her evolution within Chiropractic, the people she has learned from, and the varied practice experiences that have helped her create a practice that now fits her philosophy on health. As a mother of 4 young children, Laura shares her scheduling habits and practical tips for keeping their lives organized, how she engages them in household tasks, and why she makes time to herself in the morning a priority.

Great insight from another Rockstar Doctor Mom!

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