RDL #137: Dr. Hollen Meyer | Get Off Your Island!

What’s holding you back from sharing your message of health? In this honest conversation with Dr. Hollen Meyer we discuss how life’s unexpected challenges can launch you into a new direction and reignite your purpose and vision. Dr. Meyer also shares her three tips to increase your visibility on social media and television, and how to break past the fear that may be holding you back from engaging in it. Dr. Meyer also shares how her strong faith, surrounding herself with great people and investing in coaching has helped her succeed in life and business. 

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Hollen Meyer has experienced many roles in chiropractic for over 20 years. She has taken her skills and expertise of networking, creating connections, and increasing visibility to help other doctors do the same.  As the founder of the ‘Wellness Dr Network,’ she is determined to “bridge the gap in healthcare” and she IS the catalyst!  She has been interviewed many times on CBS and featured in many magazines.  Dr. Meyer is married and currently expecting her first child April 2020.