RDL #173: Dr. Alan Chong | Mastering The Business & Lifestyle Of Practice

Are you marvelling at the little miracles? In this conversation with Dr. Alan Chong we discuss what he has learned about the business of practice, the practice of practice and the lifestyle of practice. Dr. Chong also shares why he believes personal growth is more valuable than clinical growth, and how observing the daily miracles in practice still keeps him inspired after 35 years in business. As a heart centred Chiropractor Dr. Chong also talks about creating healthy boundaries taking emotional responsibilities for our patients

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About Our Guest

Dr. Alan Chong aka “The Spine Doctor” is a spine expert. He is a practicing chiropractor for over 35 years; the Owner and Clinical Director of Centres for Chiropractic Care and Calgary Spinal Decompression Centre in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Dr. Chong is a devoted chiropractor, always a health & wellness advocate, father of 2 adult children, a home-chef, wine enthusiast and forever an entrepreneur. His living legacy is the 2020 launch of his all new Podcast  “PRACTICE MASTERY” Podcast created with independent healthcare practitioners in mind. Listen and learn with inspirational interviews and solo episodes that are all about learning to master your business and practice in the real world.