RDL #77: Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee

Calling all Chiropractic couples! Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee shares her insights on how Chiropractic couples can best use their individual strengths in practice together by clearly defining their roles within the practice. We also discuss the key ritual Dr. MacPhee uses that powerfully sets the tone for her business life for the year, and helps her prioritize her time as a mother of active teenagers and practice. We also get into why ‘success’ can be a challenging word to measure progress, and a novel way to approach achievement on a daily basis

Rock Your Life Tips:

“If you’re not doing what you love, find something else to do. Passion fuels everything. Learn as much as you can, and invest in yourself to keep that passion alive.” ~ Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee


Episode #14: Aligning Your Personal Values With Your Business

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About Our Guest:

Dr Wanda Lee MacPhee is a chiropractors in St. Margaret’s Bay NS. She practices with her husband, Dr. Andrew Kleinknecht, a second generation chiropractor and is Mom of two teenagers, Claire and Thomas.

In addition to practicing and her role as office manager, Dr. Wanda Lee is a partner is the successful online podcast and health education company, Beyond Your Wildest Genes.  She has been involved in the profession in a number of leadership roles for chiropractic in Canada, giving back and paying forward the debt owed to this great profession.