RDL #155: Dr. David Jackson | Chasing Goals Vs. Being Goal Driven

What’s the difference between chasing your goals and being driven by them? In this second conversation with Dr. David Jackson we dive deep into this topic and discuss how his clients successfully used the past year to reboot their business while getting reconnected to the life that matters to them. We also shared ideas about how to navigate unexpected challenges, where to find new opportunities, and the most important idea to help you create your own epic life.

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About Our Guest: 

Dr. David Jackson is Chiropractor, Entrepreneur and serial innovator from Del Mar, CA. While he is recognized as creating many ‘firsts’ in the profession, he is most proud of his 30 year Epic Love Affair with his wife Nicole and his relationship with each of his 3 Epic daughters.

Dr. David failed in practice 9 times, burnt his diploma, quit chiropractic and became an auto mechanic. Serious introspection led to his discovery of the elusive elements of success. He applied his newfound knowledge building two highly successful practices serving 450+/wk, 60% children and 100% cash.

He has shared his story, insights and success on 6 continents to over 100K people. His passion to help chiropractors solidify a success mindset is unmatched and his ability to help them develop and execute a blueprint for living an Epic Life is legendary.

Dr. David is Founder and CEO of Epic Practice and author of the best selling book- The Truth Will Do. He is past President of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and Co-founder of Lifebook.

Dr. David is committed to helping chiropractors create their Epic Life by openly sharing his passion, his journey and through leading by example so that others may Serve More, Make More and BE More.

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