RDM 013: Dr. Sabrina Bercovitch

Dr. Sabrina Bercovitch is a mother of 3 beautiful, healthy, vibrant children and a passionate Family Chiropractor. She sees lots of expectant Moms, children of all ages and families in the practice she owns and runs with her husband, Dr. Jason Bercovitch. She transforms lives every day with the LiveWell For Life program, a lifestyle program which teaches and guides people to Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Sleep Well and Be Connected Well through optimization of the Brain-Body Connection For Life.

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo Sabrina shares her best tips for living life with purpose, passion and creating a business life that aligns with your family life. She openly shares her challenges with life in practice, why she almost left the profession she loves, and what has helped her persevere during times of challenge. As a Doctor mom, Sabrina also discusses how she measures her success in practice, continues to take care of herself, and keeps life with 3 active children running smoothly.

Dr. Sabrina was also a featured guest on the sister podcast Everyday Rockstar Moms and you can hear more from her in this amazing interview.