RDL #131: Justin Martin | Communicate With Your Money!

Are you communicating with your finances? In this special feature week on Rockstar Doctor Life we have guests sharing their expertise about money matters for Health Professionals. In this show, Financial Advisor Justin Martin breaks down some of the money myths he observes with his clients, what to look for in a financial advisor, and his favourite tip for teaching your children about financial responsibility.

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About Our Guest: Justin Martin is a financial mentor on a mission! He has consulted, learned from, and work with hundreds of clients around the world, showing them how to live more abundantly. His current mission is to assist chiropractors and their families achieve greater financial health.

Justin completed his MBA degree at Texas A&M University and holds a BA from Brigham Young University. He has spent time and resources in small business ventures and real estate and continues to pursue opportunities to grow investments. You will regularly here Justin teach that is isn’t about where you invest, but how you invest that makes the difference.

Justin believes that in life, we can choose between viewing the world as abundant or limited in terms of love, relationships, wealth, and resources. Our financial journey starts with our mindset.

Justin & Megan Martin, currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by the beautiful mountains where they spend time with their four children. Find out more at www.mydynamicIQ.com