RDL #117: Dr. Mously LeBlanc

What’s The Two-Part Strategy to Being a Successful Healer? Dr. Mously LeBlanc shares tips from her clinical experience working as a Physician, Cancer Rehab Specialist, Energy Healer, Relationship Coach, wife, and Mom!  She also shares her best tips for dealing with challenges in practice, the 1 exercise she asks all her patients to do, and why she believes self-care is vital to long term success as a Health Professional. 

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Mously Le Blanc, “Dr Mo” is a Medical Doctor who has been on both sides of the treatment table as patient and provider. She opened a holistic medicine practice that blends the best of Western Medicine, Energy Medicine and coaching strategies.  She believes that healers don’t need to sacrifice their health or relationships to be successful, and based on her extensive clinical and personal experiences she has created a coaching program for Healers (ie doctors or entrepreneurs looking to change the world!)  To learn more about Dr. Mo click on the following link

Grab Dr. Mo’s guide to making self care and self love a daily practice here