RDL #110: Dr. Laura Dobrinsky

Are you practising the good self-care you recommend to your patients? In this conversation with Dr. Laura Dobrinksy we discuss the importance of courageously getting clear on your goals for your life and practice, and why taking time for introspection and mindfulness is just as important for Chiropractors as nurturing our physical health. We also discuss how to avoid burnout, why being involved in your community is a consistent strategy for business growth, and her new programs about the neuroscience of play.

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Laura Dobrinsky has been practicing in Waterdown, Ontario for 6 years as the owner of Kinstruct Health.  Dr. Dobrinsky is an member with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Holistic Pediatric Alliance, and has post doctorate training in functional neurology, pediatrics and perinatal care. Advocating for Brain care as a fundamental form of self care, Dr. Dobrinsky now participates regularly as a mentor for adolescents and young athletes.