RDM 057: OptiMOM’s Lisa Engle

Chiropractors know a little flexibility goes a long way. Join Lisa Engle and I, as we discuss the importance of remaining ‘pliable’ to the life experiences we are given, two ways to empower your office team and the idea of ‘participating in life’ rather than ‘resisting’.

Rock Your Life Tips:

Stay tethered to the things in life that bring you JOY

About my guest:

Lisa Engle is a mother of 5, chiropractic advocate, assistant, lecturer, author, owner of OptiMOM Coaching and now co-owner of the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic.  At OptiMOM Coaching, the vision of a well world is held at center with great recognition that to raise healthy and well children, we need healthy and well parents. With nearly 3 decades of serving in the chiropractic profession, the language of integrity,function, potential,  and “inside out health” is one that flows effortlessly, giving a reflective model for moms to grow with as they lead their family’s well being. Find out more and connect with Lisa here

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