RDL #177: Sarah Covey | Taking Imperfect Action & Boldly Making Changes

Do you have the courage to make a change? In this conversation with Psychotherapist Sarah Covey we hear about her story of boldly making a career change after 15 years as a teacher, and the  three stages she guides her clinical clients through when they feel their own evolution calling them. Sarah also shares the value of embracing being a beginner, how to take imperfect action, and  her top five suggestions to avoid burnout as a health care professional.

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About Our Guest:

Sarah Joy Covey is a Registered Psychotherapist who is open to working with a wide variety of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, grief, caregiver fatigue, burnout, existential questions, parenting, career and work challenges, life transitions, and interpersonal/relationship concerns, among others. She has an extensive background working with teens but also an ongoing passion to work with adults of all ages and couples who are seeking support to restore intimacy and learn healthy conflict resolution. She offers electronic counselling services to provide convenience to those who are seeking help at a distance or for whom in-person appointments are a challenge to schedule and/or keep.

While she uses CBT and other common therapies regularly, she has a special enthusiasm for narrative and existential work and the incorporation of spirituality in clinical practice. Specifically, Sarah is keen to support those with a Christian-faith background and is able to provide support for spiritual growth and connection.

Sarah is keen to offer psychoeducational courses and psychotherapeutic groups and open to working in alternate locations to accommodate particular group needs. She is also a competent speaker and workshop leader and welcome such opportunities with enthusiasm.