RDL #169: Dr. Brian Lanoue | Find Your Focus

Are You Focusing On The Right Objectives? In this conversation with Dr. Brian Lanoue we discuss his past 6 years in practice, why he feels it’s crucial to get uncomfortable to grow, and why you just need to be yourself! 

Dr. Lanoue also shared his best tips for social media and content marketing, and why he has learned to prioritize his health and lifestyle habits to support his business. 

About Our Guest:

Dr Brian Lanoue is co-owner of The Powerhouse Chiropractic Inc with his wife Dr. Thea Treahy-Geofreda in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  After growing a successful practice, they have started The Powerhouse Academy, helping chiropractors develop individualized systems to achieve extraordinary results.

They have also developed the Power Couple Lab, where they create online courses for couple who are ready to dominate life together and transform into the power couples they were destined to be. Connect with Dr. Lanou: thepowerhousevancouver.com