RDL #157: Dr. Michael Viscarelli | AMPLIFY Your Voice!

Do you know what brings you joy and are you willing to fearlessly chase it? In this episode Dr. Michael Viscarelli talks about why this is vital, and why finding your voice and expressing what makes you unique is so important for your practice growth and fulfillment in life! We also discussed his three tips for leading your team, how to hire an associate, and why it’s better to focus on your blessings instead of your burdens. 

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Michael Viscarelli and his wife Tara are the founders of ADIO Chiropractic, a practice they have built to contribute to the overall health and quality of life of each of their practice members. They believe that health is our number one asset, and that nothing about the body is an accident.

Dr. Michael Viscarelli has been restoring lives for over 10 years. During that time, he has been showing his practice members that they can stop “just coping” with life, and start living it. As one of the founders of the Amped Chiropractic Mastermind, he leads other Chiropractors in this principle and coaches them on how to make a profound impact on the lives of their practice members, in their unique way.