RDL #97: Dr. Lisa Olszewski

Are you creating incredible value in your practice? Dr. Lisa Olszewski discusses the importance of building relationships, being a role model, creating her own definition of success and why setbacks are pivotal to our growth. We also discussed intermittent fasting, her Keto Summit, and the upcoming League of Chiropractic Women Retreat.

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About our guest:

Dr. Lisa Olszewski is a 2003 graduate of Palmer, opened an Upper Cervical office in Chelsea Michigan in 2005, and continues to run what she calls “the wellness practice of my dreams”. 

In trying to determine how best to serve even more people, she founded the American Institute of Healthy Living in 2017.  Through the institute, she teaches others that healthy living can indeed be made simple. They hosted the Keto 101 Virtual Summit in April this year, where thousands tuned in to listen to a variety of speakers on keteogenic nutrition and health. 

She has also been involved in different capacities in both state and national associations for nearly two decades, elected to the Executive Committee of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors in 2013. She is currently a board member of the League of Chiropractic Women.