RDL #152: Dr. Scott Watier | Find Your Passion Through Action

Does passion for your work come from within, or from your experiences? Dr. Scott Watier shares his story of being in private practice with his wife, what he discovered in chasing success, and why he changed course in his business to find greater personal fulfillment. Dr. Watier also discusses why he is more motivated by focusing on daily action steps and being present, instead of only his long term goals, and why he believes it’s vital to empower ourselves with choices we can control instead of focusing on the limitations around us.  

Dr. Scott Watier is one of the co-creators of Fasting For Life. From 2012 until 2018 he ran and operated his corrective wellness clinic seeing over 2,800 new patients during this time. It was this clinical experience combined with his personal health struggles that motivated him to want to make a bigger impact outside of the four walls of his office. His strength and passion reside in his ability to communicate, educate and empower people in true health principles. He feels one’s personal responsibility and accountability, combined with having the right tools and perspective, can lead to transformational but more importantly generational health.