RDL #140: Dr. Paul Reed | The Journey Is The Joy

Can You Be Rigid, Yet Flexible? In this conversation with Dr. Paul Reed we discuss why he believes being self aware and congruent with your values is paramount to success, but how he has learned that adaptability to change is also key! In the 22 years since he graduated he has built multiple practices, expanded his business, coached, and created a massive event for Chiropractors while staying anchored to his family and working through many obstacles. Listen, learn & get inspired!

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Paul Reed has been serving the families of Greater Clark County since 1998. In 2008 Dr. Reed opened is 2nd location. This has been follow by two more in 2015. In December 2019 his clinics were acquired by a larger group, and he is now a practice development coach for them overseeing a large territory in Western Washington.

Dr. Reed, his wife of 26 years, and their two children live the Above-Down-Inside-Out lifestyle. Dr. Reed feels that it is essential to walk this walk, in order to have the practice of your dreams. This blessing has enabled him to bring this message to the chiropractic community through coaching and seminars, helping other chiropractors and their teams reach their inborn God-given talents to become all that he has called them to be.

In 2011 Dr. Reed began and hosted ChiroFEST! Which, to date, has become one of the Chiropractic’s biggest philosophy gatherings in service to chiropractic by: “Honoring our past and preserving our future”! We average 600 attendees, 48 exhibitors and 24 speakers.

Find Out More About Chirofest: https://chirofest.org/