RDL #95: Dr. Aura Tovar

Are you taking good care of yourself so that you can best help others? Dr. Aura Tovar shares the importance of loving ourselves first and making daily routines for our health and wellbeing a priority so that we can find success in all the other parts of our lives. We also discussed how she has overcome challenges and helps others move forward through her Get Naked Series, two keys to business success, and how doing Chiropractic mission trips transformed her life and practice.

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About Our Guest: 

Dr. Tovar is an internationally speaker with the lasting purpose of transforming lives to expressing their optimal potential.  She has been a Chiropractor in Miami in a practice she founded in 2000 with the main objective to help raise happy healthy unmedicated families. She developed a program called “Get Naked Series” in 2014 to educated and facilitate the clearing of emotional subluxations that get in the way of thriving in life. Dr. Tovar is also the Vice President of ChiroMission and has been serving and facilitating trips to help the less fortunate for the last 10 years.  Her biggest accomplishment in life is being the mother of  her two amazing teenagers and prides herself on living a well balance family life while reaching for a higher standard of being.

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