RDL #73: Dr. Laura Foster

Sometimes all you need is an adjustment (of your expectations). Join Dr. Laura Foster and I as we discuss how you can ‘have it all’ in life and business when you adjust your expectations and ask for help at all the various stages of your child’s development. We also cover why there is ‘power in the pause’ and how taking vacations will support your business growth, and the importance of taking care of ourselves as health professionals and living lives that are congruent with what we share with the people in our practice.

Rock Your Life Tips: 

“Listen to what your soul is telling you, it will always lead you to what is best and in the path of least resistance”    ~ Dr. Laura Foster

About our guest:

Dr. Laura Foster is the owner and clinic director of Foster Family Chiropractic & Associates.  She has been a practicing chiropractor for the last sixteen years where she has felt immense gratitude for the hundreds of families she calls practice members.  During this time she has enjoyed facilitating many workshops, countless educational seminars, mentored practicing chiropractors and published a multitude of articles on a variety of topics.  Her chiropractic practice is truly special and reflective of the unique approach that she’s brought forth and the life lessons she has been open to receiving.

As long as Dr. Foster can recall she has always been reaching forward in life.   She is an avid runner, yogi and triathlete.  She has twice completed the ultra endurance race, Ironman Canada, which she believes is living proof that you can truly accomplish whatever you have the courage to imagine for yourself.  Competing in events which require you to dig deep within yourself has inspired her to live her life with a greater sense of spirit. Dr. Foster has two fabulous children.  Parenting has taught her more about love, forgiveness, authenticity, respect and potential than she ever thought possible.  Her passion is chiropractic, vegetarian food, sport, quantum healing, adventure travel and human potential.