RDL #143: Dr. Robert Kipp | 3 Tips For Teams That Rock!

How strong is the team in your practice? In this conversation with Dr. Robert Kipp we discuss how you can effectively build a strong foundation with the people you work with, and some of the common mistakes many Doctors make. Dr. Kipp also shares some of his best resources from 19 years in private practice, why he believes learning is vital to success, and the power of playtime to keep us healthy and connected with our loved ones.

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About our guest:

Dr. Robert Kipp has been in chiropractic practice for the past 19 years and currently practices in Southport Connecticut. He is an international speaker and has been the emcee for Parker Seminars for the last 7 years. His latest project is the formation of Superior Operating Systems, a full suite of video training for service based businesses.  Dr. Kipp lives with his wife, Kimberly, and their two dogs, Misty and Gemma.