RDL #141: Dr. Christina Padilla | Creating A Mobile Practice That Rocks!

Do you do house calls? Dr. Christina Padilla does! In fact she has created a great practice that aligns with her personal priorities, clinical expertise, and brings her tremendous joy. If you’re curious what this style of practice looks like, you’ll want to tune in! Dr. Padilla shares her story of how she launched her mobile practice, what makes her business model succeed, and the logistics of what makes it all work. We also discussed the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, how to confront fear when making changes in your life, and why she believes taking care of ourselves as Doctors is crucial to our consistent growth and happiness.

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About Our Guest:

Dr Cristina Padilla is a Puerto Rico native who completed her Chiropractic studies at NYCC and continued her post-graduate studies with the ICPA to certify herself as a prenatal and pediatric specialist. Relocating from NY to Florida in 2015, she began working to promote wellness care in the Jacksonville, FL region and in 2017, she decided to open Thrive Family Chiropractic, a mobile/house call Chiropractic practice that serves Northeast Florida by providing individualized and patient-centered care to families from preconception to post partum and for their children from birth until adulthood.

Connect with Dr. Padilla https://www.jaxmobilechiropractor.com/