RDL #98: Dr. Tracy Wilson

Are you chasing the success you REALLY want? Dr. Tracy Wilson shares his wisdom from 22 years of experience, running multiple practice and raising 5 children. He shares some of his best business tips for working with a team, practising healthy habits, getting clear on our own definition of success, and why it’s important to move on from past challenges. Dr. Wilson also discusses his new parenting program that integrates our philosophical values as Chiropractors with compassion and logic to teach our children how to navigate the dating world, and some of his top ideas for nurturing children to become resilient and independent adults.

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About Our Guest:  Dr. Tracy Wilson has been in practice for 22 years, running an all Cash Family Wellness practice. During his career he has bought and sold 7 different practices over the years. He currently teaches internationally with Parker Seminars, EPOC groups, Life University, Total Solutions, and Epic Practice.  

Dr. Wilson is also highly committed to his wonderful family. As a father of 5 children he has been super focused developing an amazing process to help his kids navigate through the dating years, and has created a program to help other parents do the same.   Find out more about his program The Dad Forge or download his complimentary zip file of Word documents here.

You can meet Dr. Wilson and hear him speak at these upcoming events:

Epic Impact Oct 19-21. 

Parker Las Vegas Feb 21-23