RDL #132: Galen Nuttall | Budgeting Doesn’t Work!

Should you follow a budget? In this second show in our feature weak on money matters, Financial Advisor Galen Nuttall shares his thoughts on why budgeting doesn’t work, why it’s important to connect your financial goals to your purpose, and what he believes are some of the unique challenges Health Professionals face with their finances. 

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About our guest:

Galen is probably the most interesting financial planner you’ll ever meet. In addition to having his CFP designation he has a master’s in Education.  He has lived in four countries on three continents, speaks three languages, and is the holder of three passports. In his travels he has been bit by a rat, almost kidnapped by paramilitary soldiers, and been stuck in a rockslide in the Himalayas. Galen’s superpower is taking complex financial concepts and making them simple. For the past six years he has been doing just that for Canadian doctors. Helping them tune out the noise and debunk the myths around financial planning. Find out more https://www.galenhelpsdocs.com/?r_done=1