RDL #162: Resolve To Evolve! 3 Times To Shift Your Business

Is it time to shift something in your business? In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses 3 crucial times to ask yourself this question and why boredom will always inhibit your success and happiness. She also outlines the steps you can take to let go of what’s not working in your business, and courageously keep moving your practice forward to better align with the evolution of your interests, expertise, and family life. 

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Find all the amazing Rockstar Doctor Life Content and some cool free resources for you at www.rockstardoctorlife.comAbout Dr. Melissa Longo: Sought after coach, mentor, professional speaker and chiropractor, Dr. Melissa Longo has made a career out of supporting her community. From the people in her practice to the greater Chiropractic community, she is known as a cheerleader for health, the power of body, and the importance of consciously cultivating a life that serves you. Her signature program, Your Simple Practice has supported many doctors to not only simplify, but reevaluate and build up a practice that aligns with their values and lifestyle.  Her podcast, Rockstar Doctor Life invites the best of the best Chiropractors and Health Practitioners to discuss real life successes and overcoming obstacles, parenting ideas, peak performance and productivity strategies, and so much more!