RDL #146: Dr. Kristina Stitcher | Evolving With Your Practice

Are you intentional with how you are designing your life and business? Dr. Kristina Stitcher shares her ideas about staying focused on creating what you want, the importance of delegation and building a support team for your life, and why sometimes timing really is everything! Dr. Stitcher also discusses what helps her rise through challenges, how she manages her time to coach, run a full-time practice and mother 4 children, and the biggest struggle she observes with her clients.  

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Kristina Stitcher is a sought after international speaker, consultant and advocate for family wellness care through chiropractic. Dr. Kristina is the clinic director of Family First Chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the chiropractic coach and owner of Practice Evolution, which focuses on creating extraordinary family chiropractors. With her husband Craig, she raises 4 children, all destined to change the world and spread the chiropractic message.

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