RDL #136: Dr. Matt Bradbury | Show Up & Be Yourself!

What’s a simple way to grow your practice and have fun in the process? Dr. Matt Bradbury shares his ideas and why he believes that the easiest thing to do is just be yourself! We also discussed his favourite Instagram tips, his path to owning his own practice after working as an associate, and how he manages to focus on fatherhood, provide fitness training for dads and run his practice while staying happy and healthy. 

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Matt Bradbury is a Father, Husband and Family Chiropractor.  He has loved the Chiropractic lifestyle and it’s principles since he was first exposed to Chiropractic as a teenager.  He enjoys adventuring with his kids (2 and soon to be 3 in the next month), Weightlifting and CrossFit.  

And he is passionate about sharing the health message through social media, his practice and the Dad Garage Fit Club.