RDM 036: Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker

Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker is “that girl” recognized for removing sexual discrimination in sport from the Ontario Human Rights Code before the age of 15. Now Justine is Chiropractor, a wife, and a mother of two, and has used her passion for equality to become  a fierce warrior for health and wellness. She is an active community volunteer, working with Excelsiors Lacrosse and Brampton Womens Hockey. Justine is also a popular motivational speaker at schools, York University, local businesses and charities. She believes that everyone deserves a healthcare team that focuses on prevention, optimal health and open communication

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Justine shares her success secrets to running a high volume multidisciplinary wellness centre with a team of 20 people, why her love of Chiropractic  is constantly growing, and how she stays inspired.

Justine openly shares how suffering an injury gave her the opportunity to make her health a priority, create stronger boundaries for her time, and why learning to ask for help and create a support team is the key to making an impact doing work she loves while being present with her family.

Another great conversation with Rockstar Doctor Mom!

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