RDM 032: Dr. Nancy Tarlow

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo you’ll hear Dr. Nancy Tarlow’s love of chiropractic, how she built her dream practice, and lived a balanced lifestyle until she suffered an injury that left her exhausted and in chronic pain.

Nancy openly discusses the struggles she faced during this time, and why she ultimately chose to sell her practice and reroute her direction professionally so that she could focus on her health and family. She now works helping people through nutrition to achieve optimal performance.

Nancy also shares the joy she has found becoming a mother at 45, the challenges of motherhood, and how it has impacted her professional life. She offers her best parenting resources, the gifts she feels women bring to the Chiropractic profession, and why listening to your heart is always the best route to happiness.

To reach Dr.Nancy Tarlow:drtarlow@gmail.com

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