RDM 023: Dr. Anna Saylor

Dr. Anna Saylor has been a Pediatric Chiropractor for almost 20 years and currently runs a private practice at VanEvery Family Chiropractic that specializes in women and children.

In this conversation with Dr.Melissa Longo, Anna shares how even with a passion for Chiropractic and love for her practice, her focus changed when her children were born.  Anna offers her tips on managing a hectic schedule, how she shifts gears from Dr. Anna to mom, and why asking for help has been one of the most important lesson she has learned.

Anna also shares some of the mistakes she made along the way, how the results she sees with her patients continues to keep her excited about chiropractic, and why finding your tribe is important for success.

To connect with Dr. Anna Saylor you can reach her at saylordc@aol.com

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