RDL #147: Dr. Chad Mykietiuk | Be Different, Not Better

How Is Being Different Valuable In Your Practice? In this episode Dr. Chad Mykietiuk shares his ideas on why embracing being distinct is an asset in business, and the importance of an open-minded attitude for professional collaboration and growth. As the President of the Canadian Alliance For Chiropractic he also discussed the value of diversity in the profession, how he maximizes his time, and the gifts of running a private practice with your spouse while also nurturing four young children. 

About Our Guest

Dr. Chad is a chiropractor and a strong advocate of natural, non-invasive healthcare options as a first line of defense in the battle for wellness and improved quality of life. Dr. Chad also believes that achieving true wellness can only happen through a multi-faceted approach; consisting of exercise, proper nutrition, mental health, a healthcare support team and a clearly defined healthcare philosophy. His dedication to the chiropractic profession is steadfast and unwavering, advocating for Canadians of all ages to have access to regular chiropractic care.

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